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How does she do it?

When it comes to measuring success in business world, Cindy Norcott’s hard work, determination and tenacity have made her simply, unstoppable.

International motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist, supermom… being a Jill of all trades or a multitasker can be like kryptonite to mindfulness, but for Cindy Norcott, it’s her lifeblood.

Since the age of 23, she’s been an entrepreneur, simultaneously nurturing a business, children and everything in between. Throw in an NPO (she founded The Robin Hood Foundation in 2005), a best-seller (or two), more awards than she can remember, and two decades later she’s still killing it!

Having recently celebrated the launch of her second book, ‘How does she do it?’ a sequel to her first book, ‘How to be unstoppable’ – which is a behind the scenes look into the world of a female entrepreneur trying to find a balance in life – Cindy’s latest book is essentially her sharing her journey in business and life… about being successful but not perfect and how this is totally okay. Every chapter covers a different area of her life unpacking the story behind what she has achieved.

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‘Women in business are incredibly hard on themselves. We are always searching for that elusive balance and we often live under the belief that others have it all together. I wanted to demystify these thoughts and flatten the playing fields. Nobody has got it all together and often behind the scenes is messy and very imperfect – and that is perfectly okay.’

In writing her book, Cindy says she resonated with the quote, “You don’t need more time, you need a deadline.”

‘I learned that it is possible to write a book in a very short time – I gave myself a few weeks, and in that time I felt very vulnerable exposing my behind-the-scenes life and challenges….essentially writing about my weaknesses, failures and foibles. I used the title “How does she do it?” because this is a question people ask me all the time. On the surface I look like I am achieving all my goals with ease. In the book, I take myself off any pedestal I might have been put on and I share what I have learned over the past 28 years of being a businesswoman trying to juggle business, family and life.’

And what can readers expect from these pages? Loads of humour, practical wisdom and nuggets about a myriad of subjects.  It’s a powerful heart-to-heart page-turner that any woman reading it will relate to and can learn from.

‘I am a firm believer in working to your strengths and trying to find flow where you are eventually working with high skill. We can all love our jobs more when we feel like experts so I would encourage people to learn as much as they can about their job. I think it is so important to try and find something you love. If you don’t like your work, then make it a priority to find something you love doing.’

Something else Cindy says we should all do is set career goals… for our own personal development… for building brands, and for the contribution we make.

‘I love the saying “It is what we do after working hours that makes or breaks our careers”. It is so important to be intentional about our career plans.’

But it’s not just about educating and setting our own intentions and goals, Cindy says. She also places huge value on infusing our workplaces with humour.

‘It is such a simple and effective way to get through rough patches. I once heard the saying “Laughter is carbonated holiness” and I love that!’

Details: [email protected]

Cindy’s top tips for adding more joy and laughter to your life…

  • Hang around fun people
  • Intentionally be the fun person
  • Make yourself the self-appointed party starter
  • Develop a list of fun and joyful activities you love and try to do at least one thing on that list every day
  • Create a filter from negativity so that you don’t feel sapped
  • Do work that you love
  • Develop a gratitude list so that you focus on all that you have
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Focus more on building close relationships
  • Get off your phone
  • Start living your life in real life and stop watching others living theirs (on social media)
  • Stop sitting and start moving


A great gift for your bestie or any woman in your life who needs a little encouragement and upliftment, ‘How does she do it?’ is available at Wendy Bashford in Durban North, Willow Boutique in La Lucia Mall and Windermere Centre, ProTalent at Westway Office Park in Westville and Willow at Spence & Mae in Hillcrest.

And we’ve got three copies to give away…

To enter, please like and follow@getit_durban (Insta) @GetItDurban (Facebook), tag a friend, then fill in the form below and you’ll be in the draw. 

Cindy Norcott's book How does she do it?

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