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We’ve found a new nationwide school-finding platform that offers parents, students and educators the opportunity to find schools based on their individual needs.

Founded by local parents Greg and Carol Ofori and completely free to use, Ratings for Schools was designed to help make the process of finding the right school for children – from crèche to high school level – simpler than ever before.

Working closely with schools across the country, the platform boasts a growing ecosystem of schools that allows you to find the perfect fit for your child based on your budget, location as well as features like aftercare and holiday care, extramural activities, sports offered and the school’s facilities. The platform also shares details on each school’s curriculum, government registration status and fee structure, making sure you have all the info you need. You can compare your schools of interest at a glance to help make the right decision when enrolling your children. Reviews are also provided for by like-minded users through feedback from actual experiences.

The idea of Ratings For Schools came to life after Greg and Carol relocated to Durban in the middle of the pandemic and had to enrol their children in a new school. The process proved difficult since info about schools was scarce and scattered. In a conversation, the couple discussed how effective it would be to have a platform that allowed parents to find and compare schools in their communities based on fees, facilities and other unique features.

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Inspired, Greg began work on Ratings For Schools. He collected information on more than 2000 schools around the country and then consolidated the data on a centralised school finding platform complete with intuitive and detailed search functionality.

‘Being a parent and having gone through the experience of finding a suitable school for both our children, I realised how daunting the task could be. The process should be simple and straightforward, but sadly, it isn’t. Parents need to know the school exists before considering it as an option,’ says Greg.

‘We decided to create a platform where parents can find the ideal school for their children by finding schools based on their most important criteria. In tough economic times, parents should still have the ability to find schools that fit their budget and meet the individual needs of their children without having to sacrifice quality education. At the same time, we wanted to provide schools with an equal opportunity to be discovered by the people who live within those communities,’ he adds.
As a mom, television and radio personality Carol Ofori says the platform is vital to help parents make the right decision regarding their child’s schooling.

‘I am so excited that parents and guardians can now go to a website and find exactly what school they are looking for. All the information they need is in one place, with the ability to compare options all on one site. Education is key to any person’s development, so this website will really make finding the right school for your child so much easier.’

Details: ratingsforschools.co.za

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