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Take the #30dayrewild challenge for healthy skin

Here’s a challenge well worth taking up. Esse’s #30dayrewild challenge is all about cutting out harmful chemicals and getting your best skin back in 30 days.

What’s it all about? Humans have been upsetting the balance in nature for too long … the pollution of the environment has had devastating consequences for ecosystems around the world, and in much the same way, cheap synthetic chemicals in modern skincare regimes upset the balance of the skin’s natural microbiome. So rather than healing the skin, the increased use of chemical-based product has polluted its ecosystem, leading to a rise in sensitivity and inflammatory skin conditions.

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On top of that, we’re living in an age where dirt has been demonised by an industry that promotes sterile as healthy. But all those deep-cleansing routines strip the skin of natural oils. It’s time to end the war on germs. Half of the cells in your body are ‘germs’ and you need them for optimal health.

The challenge is all about returning skin to its roots. And to make it easy, there’s an Esse Sensitive Skin #30dayrewild Pack, which includes an ultra-gentle range of products designed to strengthen barrier function and support healthy skin microbiome.

There are pre- and probiotics, it is pH balanced but there are no harsh preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients. With a Sensitive Cleanser, Sensitive Toner, Nourish Moisturiser, Protect Oil, and Resurrect Serum (and these last two are game-changers … the oil forms  a protective layer on skin, reducing the damage done by external aggressors such as UV rays and free radicals, and the serum hydrates and plumps the skin, addressing signs of ageing without initiating an immune response.)

This is more than just a focus on skin health, it represents a lifestyle change that values the importance of healthy, natural ecosystems, so for the best results, Esse encourages you to consider a few simple changes which offer long-term benefits … eat whole, organic foods; get regular exercise and get out into nature wherever possible. It can even be as simple as buying an indoor plant!

This limited edition package (promo ends April) costs R930 (half the price of the products bought separately), and you’ll find it at all Esse Stockists. Follow Esse on Instagram and for info on prizes for taking part in the challenge, and visit esseskincare.com for more info.

The Gatineau Aquamemory High Hydration Cream-Mask is designed to offer immediate relief and long-lasting hydration to those with dry skin. R710 from Woolworths, Truworths & Dis-Chem stores.








Gently does it when you’re washing your face. Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Crème is a nourishing cream which cleanses make-up, surface oils and impurities, while at the same time lightly hydrating your skin. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin, it’s soap-free and dermatologist and allergy tested. R560 from dermastore.co.za


We’ve got an Esse #30dayrewild challenge pack to give away. Pop over to our Instagram or Facebook page to enter.

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