Bringing walls to life!

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From retainers to screens, garden walls of all shapes and sizes make for beautiful outdoor spaces.

Admittedly, we tend to be more concerned about how to make the inside of our homes look beautiful … often forgetting about the exterior. The fact is, the exterior walls could enjoy attention just as much as those interior ones!

Spaces, like an outdoor dining area or a deck with comfortable lounge chairs, would look way more attractive and beautiful if they had some sort of décor on them, says Sean Granger, GM of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa, who shares some ideas to beautify your outside walls.

You can make outdoor wall art by creating a vertical garden that brings the wall to life and creates a warm cozy area.

You could also paint your wall, or use spray paint, by starting with a blank canvas and adding several colours that you fancy.

If you have old décor like windows, mirrors or even old plates, you could hang these on the outside wall and add flowers for colour. You could also create a garden in a frame which could look beautiful. Similarly, you can decorate the outdoor walls with vertical succulent gardens which are so easy to maintain – all you have to do is water them as you would any other plants growing outdoors.

If you are a nature lover, why not make cute homes for the birds, bees and bugs! You could hang a birdhouse or a lovely little insect hotel on one of the walls of your house. Of course, this can work for you if you like insects and birds and don’t mind them flying about outside your home.

Another lovely idea is to hang up a piece, or multiple pieces, of wire art, string art with a message, paintings, wooden carvings etc. You can either have many small pieces that interconnect or something big.

Living walls are the type of thing that can really add character to a space, whether it’s indoor or outdoor and the above ideas will basically enhance a wall, giving it life.

If these ideas are not your scene, at least a fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference, in upgrading and totally changing your outdoor space. Besides painting walls or fences, you could also spruce up decks, railings and even outdoor furniture.

‘Another great idea, where possible, is to look at adding a water feature. It can be a truly amazing addition and provide serenity and happy thoughts. There are so many options available and can fit into just about any space.’

Overall, whatever your decision may be, beautifying the outside of your home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly, and you will, no doubt, love the results.