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Steps to a healthy you this winter

We may not have below zero temps or blizzards in winter, but it still remains the season to boost those immune systems and nurture our bodies.

Eating nourished warm food, sleeping well and staying active go a long way to keeping us healthy during the cooler months which is why mother, philanthropist, former Miss South Africa and founder of Cosmetix, Cindy Nell places so much emphasis on a good diet and exercise.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after yourself and exercise and eat healthily. Don’t just take it from me … mega entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and even Bill Gates swear that regular exercise is an integral part of their success. Exercise increases your energy levels, improves concentration and creativity and is amazing for your mental health! The same goes for eating healthier – I always find that a good diet helps me to increase my energy levels and my ability to concentrate.”

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She shares a few useful tips when it comes to staying healthy and happy in winter.

Boil your own vegetable and chicken soup and freeze it The internet has so many soup ideas and recipes, doing it yourself means you don’t have preservatives (the enemy of health and slimming) in your food.

Don’t buy sweet things If it’s not in your cupboard, you won’t eat it. If you crave something small then buy it and eat it, but don’t stock up.

Buy Rye and Sourdough bread Rye and Sourdough breads contain more nutrition than regular breads, so keep these on your regular shopping lists or buy and freeze these to eat with your winter soups.

Fall in love with tea A big part of falling in love with tea is the ritual … make a little pot, brew the leaves, buy yourself a nice honey and then enjoy every sip.

Get your steps in Change your gym time to after work or around 5pm, when it’s warmer or even just before bed time. It’s good for sleep and sleep is good for your health.

Embrace the cold It’s beautiful and fun in its own way. Get excited about the fact that you can now dress warmly and enjoy all the sensations of winter. Change your perspective to see how beautiful the cold is coming out of your mouth on a cold winter’s morning while your heart is pumping and your nose is freezing.

Man up Stop making excuses, the weather is not an excuse. Appreciate and celebrate your body and your blessings and ability to function in any capacity. Get moving.

Do your makeup every day It sets you on a different path for the day. It makes you feel and look good and then you perform better. In winter I go for bold and dramatic eyes using Catrice or Essence colour palettes. I love to wear darker colours on my nails, and all these things make me feel more confident and boost my mood, which in turn encourages me to want to work out and look even better.

Care for your dry skin  I exfoliate with Caribbean Tan Body Exfoliator every week, and apply the Caribbean Tan Skin Hydrating Milk and Honey Body Butter every couple of days and it really makes me feel good. Despite it being winter, I tan every week or two with the Caribbean Tan Mousse because it makes me feel great and slim, and in turn it makes me want to work out more.

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