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Why is my cat meowing?

Hunger, stress or even old age may have your cat meowing a lot more often than you’d like. Here are seven reasons why your cat may be meowing.

Your cat could be sick Meowing is one way a cat communicates, and your cat may be trying to tell you that they don’t feel well. Cats are good at hiding illnesses and meowing or making noises without showing interest in food could be a sign of a health problem that needs attention. Constant cat meowing could indicate an overactive thyroid, kidney disease, problems urinating or a host of other health issues. If this behaviour is something new in your cat, it’s worth a trip to the vet.

Your cat is hungry Some cats may meow for only two things: a litter box–related reason or food. Make sure your cat is getting enough food and is eating at the appropriate time, and also check the water bowl.

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Your cat is stressed Changes in the home, new people and new animals could stress your cat out. If your cat is meowing a lot during these changes, it could be an occasional “I don’t like this” meow, or a constant and loud “I’m really mad about this!” noise. Keep an eye out for new changes that may upset them and interact with them as much as you can. If you are adding an animal to your household, properly introduce the new pet to your cat to avoid behavioural issues.

Your cat is old and confused Cats, like people, can become forgetful or confused as they age. Disorientation is not uncommon, and your cat may meow out of frustration or confusion. Leave a light on at night if your cat vocalises or if they are bumping into things. If your older cat isn’t just “talking” to you, but is yowling very loudly, then see the vet.

Your cat is in heat Female cats in heat can become very vocal. They do this to attract males. Male cats can also be noisy if they detect a cat in heat nearby.

Calling for attention Maybe your cat just wants to play or is bored. Don’t respond every time your cat meows – instead, give them attention when they go quiet. If your cat keeps meowing, walk away until they calm down.

Your cat just wants to talk Sometimes your cat may be meowing to say hi. It’s as simple as that.

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