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One on One Coaching app: The absolute best of virtual coaching

The real time virtual coaching app is set to change the way you’re coached, allowing you access to your coach of choice irrespective of any restrictions whatsoever – and all done live, on your phone.

The recently created One on One Coaching app is a live or real time video calling app – a platform on which to have live lessons with your coach, record and document them – rewatching, processing and enjoying them at will.

Available on all smart phones, the app gives anyone access to their chosen coaches anywhere in the world and can be used in any instance whereby coaching is required such as sports, dog training or general fitness. There are three packages available, with the most affordable one being R175/ month which includes 200 minutes. The app allows coaches and students to zoom in as required, record and save their lessons as well as to make notes post each lesson.

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Co-owner and South African showjumper Dominey Alexander explains the thinking behind the app creation;

“COVID-19 created chaos – and forced those of us who coach for a living, to recreate the way we earn. The birth of the app came as a result of me having a lesson with USA resident coach Niall Quirk who was at the time in lockdown in Cape Town. The then video calling app, was unable to zoom so the visibility for my coach was not of a high standard, making the fine-tuning an athlete requires impossible. Subsequently we created this platform which allows athlete’s to train “in the moment.” This app means that I can coach anyone, anywhere in the world – live and as ‘in person’ as is possible without actually being there. For example, every Tuesday morning I teach in Swaziland – from my dining room table. We have made the process a simple one and believe that this app will allow individuals to gain access to the very best coaches worldwide – it really does open up a whole new world that we previously never had access to.”

With students throughout South Africa, Alexander says that the greatest challenge with coaching is that it needs to be live so that you can correct things as they happen;

“Doing it through video reviews doesn’t give you the “in the moment” corrections – being able to get the student to “feel” – to feel what is right, wrong and comfortable. With this app it allows you to be present,  without being physically present – instructing your pupil to tweak or correct and aiding them in getting that feeling.

For me, the most thrilling thing about the app is the ‘continuation’: Previously we would have a few lessons with our instructors, then head home to figure things out for yourself and strive to achieve the feeling you attained in your lesson. By using this App, we can continue our training on a regular basis, often meaning we can work at a slower pace and establish as we go along – and regularly touch base with the coach to ensure we keep on tack. I have also used it at a show in my warm-up, with my coach instructing me in my ear on how to warm up my horse and myself and what to expect in the competition ring. Getting your head right prior competition is a huge part of any sporting success – and having your coach in your ear moments before you go in, is an absolute win no matter who you are, what sport and what level you’re competing at.”

You can download the app for free from any app store or find a link to the app through the website. www.oneononecoach.co.za

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