For too long traditional boys’ schools have been primarily focussed on what they can extract from a boy while they are at school only and care nothing for the boy’s life after school.

Glenwood High School has shifted its focus to equip boys with the necessary tools to assist them manage the transition from school to fulfilling their life’s purpose. Says Principal Dr Andri Barnes, “We are ideally placed to produce the future leaders this country is so desperate for, leaders who are authentic, mature, grounded and self-assured.”

Glenwood Firsts

First to introduce a Cambridge syllabus (2016). The Cambridge program has yielded phenomenal results over the years, recently first in the world for Biology and Accounting, with several gold stars in Marine Biology. The well-established Cambridge unit is staffed by highly qualified staff like Dr Jacqui Gray, Mr Tyrone Bright (Masters in Mechanical Engineering), and Ms Kimona Kisten (Masters in Chemistry).

First to introduce robotics and coding as supplementary courses. Glenwood High School runs several coding and robotics programs directed from Primary school to Matric and beyond.

First in SA to introduce Virtual Reality Goggles to the classroom. Glenwood High School is able to provide uniquely immersive educational experiences in the comfort of the classroom through the use of Virtual Reality.

First KZN school to introduce Sports Academies. Our extensive academy program improves skill and conditioning in all major sporting codes at school, supported by our International Academy of High Performance.

First traditional Boys’ School in South Africa with a female Principal. Dr Andri Barnes, who has been at Glenwood for 25 years, has moved Glenwood positively forward and has imparted her passion for the education of young men, the promotion of servant leadership and authentic masculinity into the long-standing traditions of this significant and historic school.