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Royal Diadem reveals a new world of learning online

In a world powered by digital technology, online learning is rapidly becoming the future of education.

While technology is forever developing as time progresses, it’s important for education and the schooling system to advance too. Parents, students, and teachers are able to discover a new world of learning online that is fun, focused and harvests a fruitful digital environment.

Royal Diadem Online School is more than just an online school, we’re a family. A family that builds connections and takes care of our student’s well-being. By creating an engaging environment and strong support system where children feel included, comfortable, and free to express themselves, they are able to move one step closer to achieving their fullest personal, academic and cultural potentials.

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By providing a 360° interactive online learning experience, it makes the switch to online schooling that much more effective and efficient. With the gift of quality of education, our students are equipped with the right tools to navigate future tasks, challenges, and opportunities through digital systems.

What is a virtual school? An online school teaches students virtually or through the Internet. It has been defined as “education that uses one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the teacher and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students”.

Education. Anywhere. Anytime.

There is much more to an online school than just a computer and lessons. Learning with Royal Diadem Online School comes with many advantages.

The benefits include but are not limited to the flexibility of learning, individual attention, engaging with local and international students, promotes lifelong learning, self-discipline and accountability, learning at students’ own pace, ability to focus and concentrate better, reduced academic pressure, access to teachers, learning from the comfort of your home, studying according to your own learning style, ability to pursue a hobby or interest outside of traditional schooling hours, improvement in communication and skills, and more.

Is online schooling the same as home schooling? To answer that simply… no. It is important that our students and parents understand the difference between the two.

Some key differences are:

– The curriculum for homeschooling is chosen by the parent, but in the case of our online school we follow the IEB and CAPS aligned system.

– Students studying through online schools are taught by certified teachers who are trained to engage students online. Student success is enhanced when we partner with parents to help monitor progress at home. Whereas homeschooling, students are typically taught by their parents.

Royal Diadem Online School is available from Grades 1 through to 12 for children across South Africa. Not only do we focus on academic excellence, but we also encourage students to excel creatively outside the classroom with our extra-curricular activities offline.

Through our school curriculum, we aspire to create open minded students who are conscious and respectful towards all cultures and languages.

Royal Diadem Online School works in accordance with IEB and CAPS aligned curriculum, ensuring that you receive the highest possible standard of quality education. The management team at Royal Diadem works in accordance with the ISO 21001 Management system, forming part of the ISO 21001 family of international standards relating to quality management.

Our tuition is priced competitively and includes all e-books, academic material, and arts & culture. Our e-learning portal allows for our students and teachers to access their learning materials and classes from anywhere at any time, ensuring learning carries on, uninterrupted.

If this sounds like the online learning experience you’ve been searching for, our 2023 enrolments are open. Visit our website to learn all about us, our offerings and tuition fees: https://royaldiademschool.com. If you have any questions, email us at: [email protected]

Registration open for 2023.

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