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Create peaceful pockets in your day with GI JANE

Jane Kilian is one seriously passionate woman – living life to her wants, needs and feelings, saying it’s not selfish to put yourself first, but rather a necessity.

Jane is probably one of the most bad-ass chicks we’ve ever met. And this thirty-eight-year-old self-love coach, podcaster, personal trainer and founder of Secret Sunrise Durban, with her patented pink hair, is following her passion for helping others to manifest the best for themselves and is changing lives every day.

“I love sport. I’ve taken part in some version of sport my whole life. If I wasn’t on the hockey field or at the beach, I was warming up for a gala or hitting the gym. Offering friendly advice and training tips to friends and family came naturally to me.”

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Better known as GI Jane, she has an honours in Exercise Science and is no average trainer. Jane is dedicated to helping women live a healthier and fitter life … saying “For the past 15 years I’ve been helping women get back to their comfortable place, to fall in love with their bodies again, and have seen the joy in their faces when they could lift more, run further and stand taller. It’s made every early wake up worth it.”

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Wife to Nick and mom to two-and-a-half-year-old Peyton, Jane’s home is one of organized, happy chaos. A real go-with-the-flow type of mom, she runs a few businesses that bring her joy and all tie into each other so well.

“Sunrise and the quietness before the household awakes is my absolute favourite time of the day.

“I’m so grateful for the gift of another day that I get up at 5am to journal and start my day with me. It is the perfect way to ground myself so that I start the day calm and centred and can reflect that to those around me too.”

Jane teaches a yoga class at 6am, does the breakfast and school run and by 8am she is usually online. Her time is spent doing everything from  corporate bookings to launching Secret Sunrise events, from creating and recording content for her Self Love Club, to recording podcasts. And that’s without the admin! At 5pm she teaches yoga and then gets back into mom life.

“All of my brands have evolved over the years and are intermeshed. It has been incredible to feel. For Gi Jane Fit, I teach beginner’s yoga three days a week in Durban North (I have ages 12 to 65 at my studio currently) and then on some weekends for Secret Sunrise. You may have seen us all dancing like crazy people on the beach front or doing yoga. It is the most special event and allows us to have fun and be free!”

Jane also does a six-week home workout challenge and a four-week beginner’s yoga and mindfulness challenge both of which are online, self-paced and affordable.

Photo: Stories by Goya

“I want exercise and yoga to be accessible and this is my way of helping to make that happen. I think the last two years have shown people how much they can accomplish at home! This way of doing things is quicker, more comfortable, especially if you are self-conscious, minimal equipment is needed and you can do it anytime you want to.”

Outside of fitness, health and wellness, Jane is passionate about helping women find their inner light.
“It’s about being silly and having fun, allowing yourself to try new things without fear of judgement, reading and relaxing, wearing leggings as pants and teaching my child that self-love is important. I model that for her.”

Jane’s “Unselfishly Me” podcast – on Apple, Google and Spotify podcast and on her website unselfishlyme.com – is a daily initiative that is all about self-love, self-care and everything in between.

“I interview incredible men and women about their self-love journeys.

Photo: Sally Mackay

You’ll be amazed at the strength and courage so many have. There are tips on self-love, business, health, happiness, human design, astrology, pelvic health, kinesiology and so much more. I have meditations on there as well, and some solo episodes I have done on baby updates, and topics of my workshops. It really is for everyone!”

Jane is excited about launching her school and corporate mindfulness programs, because she says self-love needs to start with kids. Last year she launched an awesome range of products like affirmation cards, lunch box notes and a book for littlies which were a huge hit and are still available on her website.

Her retreats are something else as they involve a combination of self-love content, meditations, journaling, yoga and body movement to bring about a lot of “Aha” moments.

“What seems like a simple girls’ weekend has changed so many women’s lives over the last four years and it has been such an incredible process to witness. From being given permission to be yourself, to taking back your power and honouring yourself first, so many women have realised how people have mistreated them and that they are not going to take it anymore.”

When her working day is done and Peyton is in bed, Jane catches up with Nick, and her friends online too.

“Weekends I am usually working with either Secret Sunrise Dance, yoga, private events or my retreats, so it’s a bit of a hamster wheel but one I thrive on. I live my life how I want to and in a way that aligns to my wants, needs and feelings. It is not selfish to put yourself first and to love yourself first. It is necessary.”

“By setting aside my phone I am able to add more self -love focus throughout my day with my journaling, the way I speak to myself and with a guided mediation during the day or at night when I go to sleep”

The same goes for mindfulness, Jane says, which is all about being present.

“Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, environment, your body, what you’re consuming mentally and physically. We want to quiet the mind and everything around us so that we can go within and really find our own inner peace. Simple things such as putting your phone away, taking your tea outside and watching the birds and clouds, listening to music when you’re cooking, listening to a guided meditation, creating peaceful pockets in your day, even taking a break and taking 10 deep breaths can change your life for the better.”

Photo: Stories by Goya

A few helpful tips …

  • Only do exercise that you really love so that you stick to it and enjoy it.
  • Exercise at a time that YOU enjoy and find easy to do.
  • Walking is a great and free way to move your body. Start with 15 minutes a day.
  • Speak more kindly to yourself.
  • Be grateful to your body for what it does for you daily. This will shift your mind from thinking of the way it looks, to what it does for you.
  • Start journaling for five minutes a day. Writing 10 things you’re grateful for is a beautiful way to start.
  • Find some guided meditations and do them daily.
  • Yoga is an amazing way to get out of your head and into your body.
  • Give yourself a compliment every day.
  • Stick an affirmation up on your phone lock screen so that you see it hundreds of times a day.
  • Set boundaries with the people around you, for your mental health.
  • Set the intention that you want to love yourself more and to take steps to start.

Details: IG: @gijanefit / @unselfishlyme, FB: @UnselfishlyMe / GI Jane SA or unselfishlyme.com

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