Eating to change

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What comes to mind when you hear the word diet? Restriction. Monotonous routines. No enjoyment. Right? Well according to nutrition guru, Nick Robert, being fit and healthy doesn’t have to be scary, strict and hard.

We love what Nick has to say about dieting. “You can follow a consistent lifestyle structure that can still include your favourite foods and the odd glass of wine on the weekends.” This father of two thrives on guiding and teaching people that eating more food isn’t a bad thing – when the food is healthy and fits within the daily macros suited to your specific short and long term goals.

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Nick specialises in sports medicine, dietetics, nutrition and correctional rehabilitation therapy and says most women are scared of carb consumption or so-called eating carbs after 3pm. “The science of the body works significantly better with increased food intake to aid your metabolic capacity, increase strength and performance with your desired sport or exercise, increase fertility, bone density and immunity.”

Nick says with excessive weight loss comes muscle loss, and if you have come from an extreme deficit based diet, it’s important to get a complete blood count done before approaching a dietician or sports professional to guide you on building up your daily macros, which will lead to a fitter and healthier life.

“The body works like a well-oiled machine that needs to be maintained and serviced to perform. I know family, kids, business can often take up much of our time, but it is so vital to be aware of the body process and also ensure health and wellness is important for not only you but your children. You don’t need to eat salad all day to get results and feel great.”

Nick founded East Coast Transformations SA in 2014 as a fully digital platform. Via an app, he designs plans around an individual’s lifestyle – family, children, faith, business and other activities – to make the process enjoyable and sustainable.

“We believe in making health a number one priority. This game is all about consistency and giving 100 per cent. Using this method, you will be able to eat more food, eat more flexibly, build lean muscle mass and drop body fat while maintaining a healthy weight class. It’s built around amazing food that on its own will drive you and help you to look incredible as well as function efficiently in all areas of life.”

With a full video conceptualization process, you know exactly what to train, how to train and how to perform the exercise regime efficiently and precisely, whether it’s at-home training, cross fit, weight training or any sports derived activity.

Nick says women over 30 can often hold hormonal water weight and have thyroid issues that many are unaware of. This, he says, can easily be picked up via correct blood work and is easily medicated to help you internally which will lead to weight and fat loss.

“The most important aspect to any form of female fat loss is to create change. Change up your routine and step out of your comfort zone. Eating in a deficit will initially lead you to fat loss, but long term it will decrease bone density, lead to loss of muscle, body stress, exhaustion and the list goes on.

“Don’t be afraid of carbs. Remember to not place pressure on yourself and to enjoy the process. Life is a beautiful thing and we need to enjoy every aspect, even when things get tough, so get up and get going within your own period, but do it.”

Start to change

Nick makes the following suggestions to create some change in your lifestyle.

Bloods If you are worried about bloods, get to a doctor and they will advise the necessary blood work to assist you.

Hydrate daily Try to drink around two litres of cold water a day. Iced water can increase your metabolism.

Commit to some exercise A 30-minute walk every day will get your heart rate up and increase your metabolism. You will feel hungrier, but this is a good thing.

Say no to processed foods Stay away from processed foods unless you have a cheat meal planned or a special occasion.

Bleh to bland food There is no stopping you from cooking proteins in lovely spices, pink salt and black pepper that actually have incredible benefits such as hydration.

Stay away from MSG One gets confused with sodium and MSG. Sodium is in most foods whereas MSG is used as a food enhancer and is very unhealthy.

Eat your greens Greens offer the highest form of nutritional value in the vegetable world.

Stop living in a deficit diet You also need to live and enjoy tasty and healthy foods which will still give you incredible results.

Motivation is key Believe in yourself. Don’t just give up. If you battle to train by yourself, get a training partner or connect with a group of people that give you motivation and self-accountability.

Baby steps Create small daily goals. Any little goal is better than no goal at all. Remember small changes lead to the bigger and better outcome.

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