30 years on and Kim lives by her own design


All authentic with a serene and creative edge, Kim Dyason makes wearable art that continues to glow for eternity.

Have you ever been so rapt by an object that it alters the way you breathe … it takes your mind and soul on a sensory journey … heartens an awe-inspiring memory … a dream … a sensation … awakens emotions that are so great that you wish they could engulf you forever? If not, you can experience these feelings of euphoria when you behold the wearable works of art that Kim Dyason creates.

30 years plus is a long time to be living your calling but, for Kim, her love to design unique pieces of jewellery is unmoving, and the lustre of her natural talent has not dulled, as she continues to amaze and inspire others with what she manufactures in her shop, Studio 39 Jewellery Design, in Kloof.

Known to live by her own design, Kim is a self-made successful businesswoman who discovered she has a natural flair for jewellery design from a young age. She recognised her creative talent at the age of 15 while working at a mom-and-pop jewellery manufacturing store over weekends and school holidays and later qualified as a goldsmith, with certifications in diamond grading, gemstone identification and marketing.

“I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds us, and this is where I find my inspiration and sets me apart as a jeweller. Natural gemstones seem to come alive and ‘tell’ me what they want to be made into. Creating pieces that show these stones off is my happy place.”

Kim says customers want authenticity today and they need someone who can lead them through the journey of creating their special piece. Having this ability, as well as a practical knowledge of jewellery manufacture, has resulted in a returning customer base for Kim, who also now has her customers’ children and even grandchildren, all over the world, dealing with her.

“I had no experience in running a business, but it was my dream and I was determined to make it work.”

So in July 1994, with no shortage of determination – which she still exhibit’s today –  and her previous years  jewellery experience, Kim started on her own with a jewellery studio at home. After 10 years of operating her business – which had moved from Cape Town to her parent’s garage in Cowies Hill, and then to a home studio in Hillcrest – she opened her first retail, manufacturing shop in Hillcrest in October 2004. By 2010, Kim’s business had grown to two shops, and she is also well known today for mentoring and guiding other goldsmiths and designers with her passion and ethos.

“I have downsized to one retail store to allow me to concentrate on my new concepts and ideas. This new branch will concentrate on mentoring other up and coming designers and jewellers from all walks of life. Experience, skill and empathy play a huge role in mentoring the newcomers,” says Kim.

“I believe small business is the backbone of the economy, employing locals and giving back to our communities. Small businesses should stand together and see where they can work collaboratively, combining skills and experience to uplift the communities around us and in so doing creating jobs and improving lives.”

Kim, who was recently recognised as one KZN’s Top Business Women in 2023 and interviewed on East Coast Radio by Carol Ofori in her Woman Crush Wednesday segment, reminisces about many highlights throughout her career, but says she is really looking forward to the future.

Like an exquisite pearl, which is also symbolic to 30-year anniversaries, Kim has not lost her distinctive glow and her work continues to be exquisite. Like she says, “Nothing beats the joy and emotion that a piece of jewellery designed and manufactured just for you brings with it … especially if it is as unique as you.”

Three things Kim can’t live without

Her jeweller’s loupe
Love of family and friends


In celebration of being in the jewellery business for 30 years, Kim thanks her customers for their loyal support and is offering… 30% discount on all pearl jewellery, as part of her Pearl Anniversary this month (while stock lasts).