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Kathryn’s special talent

She is a writer and an intuitive coach – but her biggest passion is to heal and empower
people. Kathryn Valdal Saleem (42) is an international clairvoyant medium who returned to SA two years ago … and one of her reasons is that she feels she’s much needed in her country of birth.

I met the eccentric and stylish Kathryn to chat about her journey as a clairvoyant.

“I didn’t choose to be a clairvoyant,” she says.

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“It chose me! I enjoy my work and believe it is a calling and my life’s purpose.”

She left SA with her ex-husband for France in 2001. A couple of years later, after her
divorce, she moved to the UK with her daughter, where she lived and worked as a business writer and editor and later as a psychic medium. Kathryn returned home after 17 years abroad and now lives in Cyrildene.

Since childhood she had premonitions which she considered was normal and thought that everyone else had similar experiences.

“Since I can remember, spirits and guides have connected with me to deliver key messages and guidance to those around me and to help me on my life’s journey. I was sensitive to the energies of people and places from an early age,” says Kathryn.

In an attempt to understand these experiences, she started to explore the supernatural.

“I continued to have strange experiences and encounters with spirits. This included hearing people and seeing images in my mind’s eye. When I imparted information to people, they confirmed that what I had channelled was accurate. It proved to me that this was for real and there was a much greater force in the universe than ourselves in the physical realm,” she adds.

Kathryn’s maternal great-grandmother read tea leaves and her mother had good intuition.

“But my mother decided not to develop it, mostly due to fear and a mistaken view that it is against Christianity.

She tended to get angry over my premonitions instead of listening to them and taking them as warnings of events that we can avoid. Into my teens and adult life, my mother hoped that my interest in the supernatural was just a passing phase,” she remembers.

She always considered her readings as a hobby and never thought of it as a job. However, Kathryn felt guided to do more meaningful work and to change her life.

She left her safe corporate job in 2014.

“I advertised and got my first clients. People just kept coming to me and referring others.
Nothing I had ever done had flowed so easily or grown so fast.”

After 17 years overseas she realised that she is South African at heart.

“I suddenly missed that in-your-face, direct and honest South African way.”

Kathryn believes in the following truths:

• We are not alone: Help arrives in unusual ways and miracles happen every day.
• Intentions are everything: If you live your life with pure and honourable intentions and an open heart, great blessings will flow to you.
• There is always hope: There is always a solution to every problem or a way forward.
If you are feeling stuck, lost or burdened, keep the faith because the solution is there; you just can’t see it yet.
• Trust your intuition, as well as the signs and guidance that you receive: The biggest
mistakes you’ll make are when you fail to listen to your inner guidance. Remember that God increases his guidance to those who follow his guidance.
• You can change your future: Life is what you make it; learn from your past, make good choices today and live life without regrets.

Your goals for the future?

I will continue my work as a psychic medium, making a difference in people’s lives, playing my role in healing lives and empowering people. I also want to write and publish a book about the other side. It will be a novel that tells the story of my spiritual path and development through a thought-provoking and racy series of real life events. It will be a life-changing book that will transform how one views human potential and one’s spiritual path.

What do you predict for the East Rand in 2020?

Although more families will move overseas between November and January, the East Rand will prosper socially and economically in 2020. We can expect to see nuggets of positive growth in many areas across the East Rand, including Alberton and Springs. Despite recent
riots affecting Johannesburg and the East Rand, property prices will increase nicely in key areas and a big new mall or leisure centre will give the area an excellent economic boost.

Details: www.guidancefromspirit.co.za

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