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Stick to your guns in 2020

We are about to make New Year’s resolutions for the coming new year. Why do some people stick to their plans and goals while others don’t?

Yes, most of us are thinking about how we can better our lives in 2020, by making new plans and setting new goals.

Gavin Sharples is a highly sought-after professional motivational speaker from Bedfordview. Buckle up, because he shares his opinion (loud and clear) on New Year’s resolutions.

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“Well, before you start worrying and stressing about the new year, I may have an insight that will make it easier and perhaps solve the riddle of why some people succeed and others don’t.

“Maybe you are like me and are always searching for answers to life’s questions. Some people don’t bother themselves with stuff like this and just go about their days living in reaction to circumstances as they play out in their everyday lives. In a way, I envy the sleepwalkers. They question nothing, seek nothing, try nothing and just complain a lot and blame others for their situations. Me, I want answers, and I ask and question every second of the day.

“Here’s a big one. How come is it that some people achieve more than others given equal situations? How come do some marriages succeed when others (58 per cent, to be exact) will end in divorce? How come do some people succeed on a diet and others don’t? How is it that some people are able to save, sacrifice and invest and others, not so much? How is it that every month, the same people outperform all the others in sales? How is it that some people will and do exercise, think about others, put in the hours, make the time,
take a moment, say the words, pitch up, see it through, never quit and do what needs doing, but others just quit and couldn’t be bothered?

“Well I have the answer. Those who want to, will. Those who don’t, won’t. If it’s important enough then you will find the time, make the effort and do whatever it takes.

“Have you ever noticed that the people who really want to do something – do it! People generally find the money for things that they really want. Even if they buy on credit – they make a plan. When people exercise or study or take time to visit their grandmother in the home, it’s because they want to. If your spouse is not being intimate with you, not being
considerate, not spending time with you, it’s because they don’t want to. People make time for the people and things they value and love. If he/she is important enough to you, you will make the time and do the dos – not only because it’s important to him/her and the relationship; you do because you want to do.

“Our actions demonstrate how we feel (listen to this) in our deeds. Our deeds demonstrate, without the possibility of words being misunderstood, our actual feelings. No clearer communication can there be than our actions.

• Your daily actions tell how you feel about your spouse, children, family and relationship.
• Your daily actions show how you feel about your job, your clients and your future.
• Your daily actions show how you feel about your body and your mind.

“Your daily, weekly non-actions tell everyone how unimportant your health and body are to you. If you really want to lose the weight, if you really want to get fitter and healthier, you would literally do whatever it takes – every day – to get there. I am not at my goal weight and fitness level because I don’t want to give up some processed, tasty foods. I don’t
want to never eat take-outs and burgers and pizza. I know what it takes to look like a Greek god, but I am not prepared to sacrifice the pain and my lifestyle to look like I need the toilet really badly; and I don’t want to learn Greek. I’m not in denial – I get it. I don’t want to!

“When we spend the time, make the thing, do the job, are on time, never miss a day, we show what we value in deed. When we want to do something it’s difficult to do a bad job. You see when we want to – we don’t have to try or make an effort because our heart is in it.

“When we want to, we act with excitement and passion and love. When we want to, we don’t have to be persuaded, reminded, motivated or incentivised to stick to our New Year’s resolutions. When we want to, we find the energy, stay up longer, don’t need excuses, and we do it with passion.

“You see when we want to – we will. When we don’t want to, we won’t.”

Details: Gavinsharples.co.za

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