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Boksburg couple Nico and Melissa de Beer are two musos who fell in love and who said their “I do’s” last month. Their love story led to the formation of The Hopeless Romantics, an acoustic instrumental duo who aim to transform weddings into a romantic and moving occasion with their music.

Nico is a master in front of the piano as well as with a guitar in his hands. Melissa plays the violin, but her first love is the bass guitar.

Between them they have almost 25 years’ experience in the music industry. Nico offers music classes in guitar, piano and drums and vocal coaching to students.

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After getting romantically involved, their love for each other found one more form of expression – making music together. The Hopeless Romantics’ aim is to perform at
weddings, setting a romantic and special mood that will be remembered forever, providing instrumental music during the ceremony and a full band for the reception.

They are going the extra mile to make the day for wedding couples special by writing and recording custom wedding songs about couples’ special relationships and journeys. This way they give couples and guests an experience that will be cherished.

Nico and Melissa are soulmates who have a very special love story to tell. Nico had to let his previous lover go in order to find true love. He and his ex-girlfriend were attending a spiritual plant-medicine ceremony when his girlfriend fell in love with the facilitator.

“When she confessed that she was in love with another man, I was very calm about the situation and knew that there was a deeper meaning behind it. One of the first things that
occurred to me was that there is a great and powerful force that guides us through life and orchestrates some of these serendipitous encounters. I thought to myself that it is actually
so beautiful that God could bring two people together in such a way. I knew that I had to let go with love and that God had something else in store for me,” he recalls.

“Looking back on that day, I know for a fact that if I hadn’t let her go with love, then I would not have met the love of my life, as I would have clung onto resentment, which closes one’s heart to true love,” Nico believes.

At the same time, Melissa decided to pack her bags and move from Cape Town to Pretoria. He saw her photo on a dating website.

Nico remembers vividly his reaction when he saw her photo.

“ I jumped off the bed and said ‘It’s you.’ It was as if I recognized her on a deeper level and just knew that this was the person that I will spend the rest of my life with.”

They started talking and met each other in January 2018.

“The minute we met and hugged, I felt a sense of peace and calm beyond words. I knew that I had found my home and the person that I will lovingly and harmoniously spend the rest of my life with.”

They got engaged in December 2018, a year after meeting each other.

How did Nico ask you to get engaged to him?

“Nico surprised me with a beautiful recording with his heartfelt words and proposal and went on one knee to pop the question. We could feel a surge of powerful energy flowing through us as we hugged each other and tears of joy streamed down our faces,” Melissa remembers.

Why did you get married on the date that you did?

We got married on 22 February 2020. We have been seeing the number two wherever we go. Two is known in numerology as a sign from the universe that we are on the right path and that all is in divine order. Thus we married on 22/02/2020.

Any advice that couples in love should keep in mind?

Love is a flame that needs to be kindled. When you light a fire it won’t burn forever unless you keep piling on the wood. Make time for each other and never let the other person wonder about the way you feel.

What is your love motto?

Love fearlessly, passionately, and unconditionally!

How can the readers contact you to book a function and to enquire about music lessons?

The Hopeless Romantics – Weddings & Functions: www.thehopelessromantics.co.za or
[email protected] PlayMusic – Music lessons: www.playmusic.co.za or [email protected]

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