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A trio of marvellous books…

After an air raid in London, an injured woman is found wandering    around. She doesn’t have any memory of who she is, but she knows she’s lost something precious. A young boy is taken from an  orphanage and sent to Australia on board a ship. How, he wonders,  is his mum going to find him? In Perth, a lonely woman takes in the child. But then she discovers his past. Does she keep quiet, or tell… and risk losing the little boy who’s become her life? The Oceans Between Us by Gill Thompson … a tear-jerker for Mothers’ Day.    Headline, R325


We love a good Irish tale … and M for Mammy by Eleanor O’Reilly is just wonderful. It’s a story about the Augustts … a loving, Irish family who, like all families, are a bit complicated. Even more so when the mum has a stroke and the force of nature, who is Granny Mae-Ann, comes to take charge to try and keep the family together. She has a job on! There’s the son with all his words trapped in his head by The Bloody Autism, the father struggling to express himself at all, and the daughter quietly writing it all down to try and make sense of it. Language and love and the power of a family … brilliant. John Murray, R300

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A job as companion to an elderly gentleman. The chance of running into an old boyfriend (the one-that-got-away). A search for a lost perfume that may just save a beautiful estate. Set in Scotland, London and the south of France, romance, humour, a cast of warm and totally believable characters (and the possibility of happy-ever-after) lie at the heart of Katie Fforde’s wonderful new novel, A Rose Petal Summer. Light-hearted and frothy … a joy to read. Penguin, R290


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