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Two kids’ books to take on holiday

Heading for the bush or the beach? Kids from around nine (adults too!) will find these informative, interactive books absolutely fascinating. Don’t leave home without them.

Snakes are all dangerous, right? Wrong! Many are harmless to humans and the slug eater is positively helpful to gardeners (they also eat snails, yay!). While a number of snakes can deliver a painful bite, only 12 found in southern Africa are truly deadly, among them mambas, cobras, adders, boomslang and twig snakes. Kids’ Snakes of Southern Africa by reptile expert Johan Marais, gives all the fascinating facts about these often misunderstood creatures. There’s general information on behaviour, breeding, reproduction and movement, as well as details about specific species from three metre long pythons to teeny 15cm flowerpot snakes … a total of 36 snakes in all. The book is packed with facts and photographs – a bonus for everyone interested in wildlife. Struik Nature, R130.


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Seaside holidays coming up so add loads of fun and interest to exploring the beach by taking a copy of Margo Branch’s Exploring the Seashore in Southern Africa with you. Young adventurers (and their parents) will love discovering some of the many treasures to be found, from beach-cleaning birds and sideways-scuttling crabs to gorgeous shells, seaweeds. anemones, corals and spiky sea urchins. You may also see jellyfish – but watch out for bluebottles and their painful stings. Add loads of information about seahorses, sunfish and sharks, among others, along with activities and things to do and you’ve got an absolutely riveting read! Struik Nature, R130.


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