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Radiating warmth and kindness… Meet Fabienne Francis

Red. Green. No, not amber … purple! These are colours associated with people and personalities (not traffic lights), and profiler and published author, Fabienne Francis, can tell you why!

When Fabienne Francis enters a room, she radiates warmth and kindness that instantly puts one at ease. Her humble and charming demeanour is what allows her to be the massive influence she is … both locally and abroad.

A born entrepreneur, Fabienne lived and studied in countries such as England, America, Austria, Germany and Mauritius and, from the age of 19 when she began her journey in the diplomatic world, she realised she had to deal with different personalities.

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But it was her love of South Africa – and its people – that inspired her to create her own Personality Analysis System called Identity DNA or iDNA. She spent years doing research and studying people’s behaviour to write The Personality Book.

Fabienne believes that everyone has a unique contribution to make in this world, and that by understanding who you are and identifying your strengths and challenges, you have the power to live a fulfilling and happy life.

This is just what the book will teach you … it’s written in a way that makes it easy to understand different personalities – which are presented with beautiful, colourful illustrations. And you can answer a questionnaire to receive a detailed personality report … it won’t only reveal your strengths and challenges but it will also tell you how you behave in the seven main areas of your life.

‘When someone shows you their true colours, believe them the first time’

You’ll also find you’ll learn how to read the body language of others – things like tone of voice and various signals people send us from the very first moment we meet them. Just think, it’s like being equipped with the tools to form great relationships with everyone you meet because you’ll know how to make an immediate snapshot of people’s characters.

‘So many misunderstandings occur in life, simply because people just do not understand each other,’ says Fabienne. This can be avoided by using her Personality tool which is sure to help you build genuine relationships, without judgement.

‘We do live in a rainbow nation – we’re either red, green or purple personalities!’ But to know more about what she means by this, you’ll have to grab a copy of her book!

There’s no age limit to this learning … in fact, soon Fabienne is to release a series of books to help everyone from the age of four to 80 to embrace themselves and live an authentic life. One of these is The Love Personality Book which teaches you everything about love and relationships … it’ll be out in just a few weeks!

Fabienne’s not stopping there! This author is joining hands with businessman Colin Goodman to pen The Personality Book for Entrepreneurs, as well as a book for teens alongside her youngest daughter, Yentl.

Studying personalities and penning books definitely seems to be something that runs in the family as her other daughter, Francoise Goosen, has written The Personality Book for Young Children … a great read for four to seven year-olds.

For those who just can’t get enough of her books, why not try one of her workshops, motivational talks or individual sessions. As Fabienne puts it, no matter where you are right now in your life, whether you’re in business, a mother, single, married or just wanting to find your purpose, you’re sure to find a workshop suited to you – and it’s seriously likely to change your life.

‘My message to all woman out there is to firstly not judge someone else – we all have a story and, as woman, we should embrace each other. Secondly, don’t live your life to fulfil someone else’s purpose. We woman have such a huge role to play in society, so find your own passion, find the real you and when you live an authentic life, everything else will fall into place.’

Grab a copy of The Personality Book – prices range from R380 to R410 from Exclusive Books or online at idna.world

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