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Sarah Ayres of Joburg West is the Face of the Race 2019 winner for the SPAR Women’s Challenge Joburg

A festive morning at the very pretty Buitengeluk Venue in Broadacres saw the five fab SPAR Face of the Race contestants go head-to-head … but in the end Sarah Ayre of Joburg West clinched the sash.

The mum of two was ecstatic to win, however all five of the contestants from the various regions in Joburg, including Joburg North’s very own Holly Gxubane, will be ambassadors for the race in their respective Joburg areas. They’ll also be key drivers of the ‘Donate a pair and show you care’ campaign which urges community members to donate takkies (new or old) for those who need them.

The five fab Face of the Race contestants celebrate Sarah Ayres’ win and their own achievements as ambassadors for the SPAR Women’s Challenge Joburg.

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Each of the contestants had an opportunity to share some insights into why they enjoy running and how it feels to be ambassadors for the race. Joburg North’s Holly told emcees Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and Arnold Geerdts that she lives by the motto that anyone can do what they want to do, so long as they put their mind to it.

She explained that she draws many comparisons between running and how to live life. She said when she runs, she feels like she is chasing destiny. Some people are slower than you, some will pass you and others are way ahead. But when she feels like giving up, she just takes a sip of water and keeps going. She said that’s a lesson to apply to life in general … even if you crawl or walk, just keep moving forward.

Face of the Race winner, Sarah Ayre, gets her make-up done ahead of the Get It photoshoot by GOSH make-up South Africa.

There is a spirit of camaraderie among the fab five and after the proceedings of the media launch, we sat down to a delicious brunch with them. They shared their excitement at being ambassadors for the race in their communities and are super excited to see themselves featured in the October issues of their local Get It magazines.

Last Saturday, Get It held a very special photoshoot for the five girls where they were pampered and dressed. They also sat down for some interviews.

Learn more about Holly’s journey in Get It Joburg North’s October issue.

Meanwhile, you may not be a race ambassador like the Face of the Race contestants … but you can still run Joburg’s most beautiful race, the SPAR Women’s Challenge Joburg. It’s all going down at Marks Park Sports Club in Emmarentia on October 6. Tix are R100. Details: sparjoburgrace.co.za 

The contestants enjoy a photoshoot with Get It magazines.


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