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Media personality Clive Maistry shares the thrills of his exciting life and spills on insights from his career that spans radio and television.

He gets a thrill from the butterflies and highs when the producer counts down lights, camera, action. He loves the perks of the entertainment industry … like freebies. And he values the need to stay humble.

With a career spanning television, radio, modelling and acting, Clive Maistry surely needs little introduction. You’ll probably recall his voice from the weekend breakfast show on 5FM where he entertained alongside Elana Afrika and Mark Gillman, or from seeing him on SuperSport Blitz and guest appearances on Egoli – Place of Gold as an intern doctor.

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Most recently, SABC3’s lifestyle and entertainment show, Mela, welcomed Clive as its newest presenter and he’s also the male promo voice of Zee World on DStv.

What makes the entertainment industry one you enjoy?

I think what stands out the most for me is that no day is the same and everything could change in seconds – especially when it comes to live TV! I think I also get a kick out of the butterflies and highs I get from seconds before the producer counts me down and it’s lights, camera, action. Love that feeling!

What does a typical day look like for you?
My typical day, I assure you, is not one to envy. My alarm goes off at 4am as call time for my first studio gig of the day is at 5am. Then it’s a full day in studio with other related duties from voice-overs to checking graphics, getting approvals on content and seeing clients in-between that. This, while fitting in my gym sessions and five meals followed by an evening HIIT session. It ends with a very long shower and meal prep for the next day. Is it an insane schedule? YES! Would I want to be doing anything else? HECK, NO!

When did you first discover your passion for presenting and what was your first gig?
It’s something I’ve always enjoyed! I used to perform for my family and they somehow let me ‘waste their time’ watching ‘Clive Live in Concert’ for an hour sometimes! The first actual gig I landed was on Egoli – Place of Gold. I played an intern alongside Paul Buckby’s character and I was blown away by just how much more goes on behind the scenes than you’d think!

Do you believe TV presenters need specific skills?
I’d say a passion to communicate should be a given. One isn’t born with a ‘skill’ per se as that’s nurtured. But what I’d say you should already possess is a natural charm, a great personality and a killer smile to win over viewers!

What important lesson have you learned since being in the entertainment industry?
Always be humble and stay true to who you are as a person, because when those cameras and lights switch off, you have to face yourself in the mirror at the end of a long day.

What are some of the positive perks of being in the entertainment industry?
FREEBIES! Who doesn’t like free stuff? That, and meeting some of the most interesting people you could ever imagine having the opportunity of meeting!

What are some of the challenges faced in the entertainment industry?
The fact that anyone thinks they can be a presenter. Also, I’ve seen major productions skimp on budget and want someone who isn’t as experienced, due to costs. In seconds a production that took months of preparation can fall apart.

If you could present alongside any celeb, who would it be and why?
I’ll probably get sidelong looks for this, but I honestly think Khloé Kardashian would be a whole mood! I’ve watched her present on America’s Got Talent and she nailed it! I love her off-the-cuff approach and think it would be an amazing chemistry on-screen.

How do you select the presenting jobs you get into?
I’d say it all comes down to opportunity and the market the producers are aiming to promote the show to. Don’t get me wrong, every presenting gig does come with a plus, as it’s more to add to your CV. But I think one should know the market you’re being presented to and be selective and say ‘no’ if it’s not on-brand.

Who do you respect most within the entertainment industry and why?
I love the diversity of our industry as well as the teamwork within it. That’s something I can respect the most. A solid crew putting differences aside with the aim of creating an incredible production. It’s funny to watch but so satisfying to see everyone getting along like clockwork when the director calls ‘action’.

What’s one must-know fact about you?
Melktert is my kryptonite!

Details: instagram.com/clivemaistry

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