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Red hot reads for the summer

The CEO of a major publishing company dies suddenly at his desk – but was he murdered or did he commit suicide? Senior editor Joelle Jesson – fired by the CEO just hours before his death – sets out to discover exactly what happened in Steven Boykey Sidley’s Leaving Word. Which of three people could have been involved – a detective and aspirant author, the CEO’s inscrutable brother or a sad and deluded loner? Joelle’s editorial instincts come to the fore in her search for meaning, reason, plot and motive in this literary murder mystery laced with sly, dry wit. MFBooks, R240.

On Monday, a Manhattan elevator plunges from the topmost floor to the bottom of a skyscraper, killing all four people on board. On Tuesday, it happens again. And again on Wednesday. These are obviously not random killings, and New York is plunged into chaos. And what do these deadly acts of sabotage have to do with the fingerless body found on the High Line? Linwood Barclay’s Elevator Pitch is a nail-biter of note. And be warned! After you’ve turned the last page, unless your office is on the topmost floor, you might be tempted to slog up all those stairs rather than press the button for the lift! HarperCollins UK, R260.

Jane Tennison has worked hard at becoming the first female detective in the infamous Flying Squad, a notorious boys’ club, members of which clearly don’t think it’s the place for a woman. Determined to prove herself, she discovers a massive robbery is about to be carried out by a local gang. But she doesn’t know who they are, or where and when they’ll strike. The Dirty Dozen is the latest Jane Tennison thriller from Lynda La Plante … gritty, thrilling, and full of twists. Bonnier UK, R290

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Oh my. Joy of joys! A new book from Jojo Moyes, just in time for the holidays. Inspired by a remarkable true story, the book is described as ‘the unforgettable journey of five extraordinary women living in extraordinary and perilous times’. The Giver of Stars is the story of Alice Wright, a woman who leaves England for America, only to discover that swapping the twitching curtains of suburbia for being the wife of an American businessman and living in the wild mountains of Kentucky isn’t, actually, the answer to her prayers. Then she meets Margery O’Hara, a woman who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. And a woman on a mission! The pair, along with three others, join up and, ignoring obvious dangers and loads of social disapproval, travel hundreds of miles a week to deliver books to isolated families. When a body is found in the mountains, and one of the group becomes a suspect, their newly formed friendship is put to the test. The Giver of Stars is unputdownable. Penguin, R270

At their wedding, Mia and Roy Kapoor promised to love and cherish each other, and while their marriage is not perfect, it is sacred and the commitment is absolute. But when the police question Roy about the disappearance of a young woman, they begin to question everything they know about each other. Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sakhlecha is all about dark secrets and trust and twists in the ending! Pan Macmillan, R299 • We love a good murder mystery, and are huge fans of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, who’s back in Peter James’ Dead at First Sight. This time, Grace is investigating the suicide of a woman, a woman he discovers is one of 11 who’ve been scammed while looking for love online. Grace finds himself exploring a global empire built on clever, cruel internet scams and the murder of anyone who threatens to expose them. Macmillan, R299

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