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Share in the celebration of good food

It’s a bit of a leap from ballet dancer to acclaimed chef, but Lorna Maseko has happily pirouetted into this new role in her cookbook, Celebrate With Lorna Maseko. Part memoir, part travel journal, plus luscious recipes, it’s a book you can enjoy reading, as well as use (lovely photos too). We found scrummy dishes like chicken Wellington; herb-crusted lamb; king prawns in a wine and chilli sauce; all of which come with delectable sides. Something light? Try a beef teriyaki avocado goats’ cheese and charred peach salad, while vegetarians can tuck into cauliflower steaks with chimichurri and ricotta, or even tasty roasted parsnips. Simple sweet treats include mini Pavlovas; yoghurt-coated strawberries; G&T and mint-grapefruit popsicles; watermelon champagne granita with lime, whipped cream and pomegranate (yes, please). Lorna even pretties up ice cubes to party standards. From easy and inexpensive to blow-the-budget dishes, you’ll find celebrating with this cookbook loads of interesting fun. Human & Rousseau, R360.

If you can’t, or don’t wish to, eat wheat, dairy or cane sugar, Jordan and Jessica Bourke have solved your problem in The Guilt-free Gourmet. These healthy recipes are absolutely delish using alternative ingredients. Smoothie fans will find a fab choice of four and there’s a recipe for spelt bread, along with several super salads and veggie dishes. We really, really fancied the charred shrimp with nam jim; chicken tagine and Thai coconut and lemongrass soup with shrimp. We also thought nectarine frangipane tart, orange zest brownies, lemon tart and cashew butter ice cream would be hard to resist. Struik Lifestyle, R257.

Most of us have a dog-eared old cookbook with favourite recipes we’ve shared with everyone we know. Errieda du Toit has done some digging into this fascinating subject and the result is Share – A Century of South African Community Recipes. Here are all the old and some new favourites, given a modern twist. Legendary munchies include chutney chicken, peppermint crisp tart, ginger biscuit frikkadels and malva pudding. The apricot chop casserole, peach chicken, cappuccino fudge and prawn and avo cocktail, along with biscuits like bachelor’s buttons, coffee creams and noorsies, simply scream nostalgia.  This is a cookbook for anyone who enjoys a blast from the past. Penguin Random House, R358.

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