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Gorgeous George … the scaredy-cat horse

If you haven’t yet discovered the Gorgeous George books, you’re in for a massive treat. A range of amazing children’s books about George, who’s actually a real life horse with a well-developed imagination. The latest of the nine books is George and the Storm, which sees this massive but timid Friesian worried when he discovers a storm is on its way to the barn. Hiding behind haynets, fearing the worst (he’s a proper ninny), he’s hugely relieved when he discovers Storm is the name of a new, and rather lovely, horse who’s come to live at the stables. Written by Claire Tucker, who lives on the Wild Coast with her family and the ‘real’ George, the fun doesn’t end when the story does … at the back of each book there are crafts, colouring-in pages and crosswords. Aimed at children up to the ages of about eight, the book costs R135, but there’s a fantastic lockdown special, with delivery … all details on the website (gorgeousgeorgebooks.co.za) and on George’s Facebook page (@GorgeousGeorgeBooksSA).  Oh … and look out for his autograph … he hoof stamps books for his fans. So sweet!

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