7 Endearing items of Jewellery for Moms to pass onto their Daughter


Because an excellent heirloom starts with a great purchase.

Mothers (and fathers), if you’re thinking the time has come to start a set of jewellery keepsakes to offer your own daughter one day—you’re right.  It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive or maybe particularly stunning; she is going to love them because they were yours.

Below are seven endearing jewellery items that might be an excellent place to start.  Just remember, the important aspect is to add your own history and sentimental value to the items before handing them down to your daughter……eventually.

The Pearls

Pearls are like fancy silver cutlery—you might not always use them, but they’re wonderful to possess and pass along through generations.  And if truth be told, if you’ve got them, you ought to wear them: They instantly dress up any outfit, and that they look good on women of all ages.  If you’re worried you would possibly step into dull territory, try an unexpected combination, like this 18ct rose gold pearl and diamond drops.  But, investing in a pair of cultured round pearl studs is a classic choice.

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The Locket

Since we miss the classic charm necklaces from the 1980s, we hereby vote to bring back the locket.  After all, some memories are better worn right next to your heart—not just filed in your digital library.  This oval sterling-silver sculpted locket is subtle but a welcome change from the engraved heart-shaped one you bought your own mom for her 30th birthday.  (Which she still has, you know.)

The Classic Timepiece

Think feminine and timeless – no pun intended.  A lovely Mother of Pearl dial in two-tone metal casing or a floral face with lovely rose gold trim and leather strap.  Consider moving away from the normal round face and opt for a rectangular look.

The Stud Earrings

Stand-out pieces of glitz often are available in small packages.  Take the right pair of forget-you’re-wearing-them stud earrings—such as this vintage-inspired set.  They’re quite enough for everyday wear but will still garner copious amounts of compliments.

 The Statement Cocktail Ring

Sometimes the boldest fashion statement you’ll make (or give away) is that bright little number on your right middle finger.  This stunning cluster of retro-inspired sapphire and diamonds will compliment any outfit.  The key here is to seek out a design era that has stood the test of time—think artistic movement, mid-century modern, or the tasteful Victorian pieces.

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The Dainty Bangle

A delicate gold piece of jewellery may be a thoughtful gift that really requires little thought; it is the crisp white button-down of jewellery—elegant and simplistic to wear.  These 9ct gold-and-diamond pave bamboo bangles makes a refined impact on its own—in a “less is more” way—but would look equally charming stacked with other bracelets.  None of your daughter’s friends will have something quite like this, and you just know she’ll love that.

The Unusual Gem

Sure, anything involving the words diamond and solitaire are going to be a universally pleasing combination.  But so are most things that are arresting and rare.  Take this minty-green chrysoprase pendant necklace — it’s impressively memorable and unique (a bit like your emerald-cut ring you already gave your first-born son—but let’s not bring that one up together with your daughter).

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