At-home spa day delights

Dove Offsite At Home Spa Day Delights. Photo: Supplied

Picture this: You put on a warm, scented robe and some cosy slippers and head for a day of sheer pampering luxury – complete with the works, including everything from face masks and hair treatments to scented candles. Sounds like a spa day to remember and the best part is, you don’t even have to leave the house for it. Here are some ways for you to indulge in your favourite spa day pastimes from the comfort of your own home:

Upgrade your haircare with a hair and scalp treatment

Make your home-spa ritual feel more like a calming treatment than a regular salon treatment by adding a scalp or hair treatment. Get a head start (pun intended) by applying a Dove Intensive Repair Hair Mask on the hair or a scalp treatment 20 minutes before you get into the bath, then just before you get out, you can shampoo or rinse it off. It will leave your hair and scalp feeling smooth and clear and boost the health of your hair – it’s especially good if you are prone to dry hair and scalp.

Mask your beauty

You can pop on a mask as you are about to hop into the tub to make bathtime serve a dual purpose. It can be a relaxing, cleansing ritual with the added benefit of a concentrated dose of product for your skin. Try a cream mask if you are not that into sheet clay or peel-off masks. It’s great to treat dry skin as they offer oil-based hydration. The cream mask is also great to condition and soften skin, so once you get out of the bath, you can use your body or hand lotion to do the same for your hands and feet. It’s a remarkable way to give your skin a hydration boost and to soften and loosen dead skin cells.

A handy investment

Your hands are the worker bees of your body – they get loads of use and exposure to all sorts of amazing things that the world has to offer. But this also means that they can take a little bit of a beating sometimes, especially with the frequent use of disinfectants such as hand sanitisers and frequent hand washing synonymous with the global health crisis. Give your hands a little TLC during your spa day and transform dry skin into velvety soft digits. Opt for a rich, silky hand cream.

Don’t forget the lips

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your lips must be the door to your heart – and there is nothing like a healthy, plump pair of lips to whisper hello. Treat your lips with the respect they deserve by drinking loads of water, exfoliating them at least once a week with some Vaseline and a soft, toothbrush or lip exfoliator and applying plenty of good quality lip balm. For that special spa-day feeling, apply a specialist lip mask – if nothing else, it definitely adds an extra fun factor.

 Set the mood

Get yourself a killer – we mean killah – candle. None of those dusty candles you fish out of the back of your cupboard when you feel like some ‘mood’ lighting. We are talking special scented A-grade primo candle kept specially for perfect pamper-days such as this.

Add a little something to your bath 

Like how it’s always good to add a few extra choc chips to your cookie recipe, there is something so sublime about adding a bath bomb or some aromatherapy salts to a steaming bath before you take the plunge. It takes something that’s virtually perfect and nudges it up towards faultlessness.

Get to the hidden agenda

We often neglect the hidden parts of our bodies, and this can mean areas like our underarms get less attention than they should. Treat yourself from head to toe by looking after hidden areas like your underarms with a spray deodorant or roll-on that contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera gel or fresh cucumber, like Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea.

Top your spa routine off with loads of body lotion for the final cherry on top, and surely you are just about ready for a nap. After all, what better way to end off a spa day than with a big mug of your favourite warm beverage and a date with your plush, warm pillows and duvet.