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#MoveMoreAtHome: Take on a full-body home workout with Juanita Khumalo

While gyms are still closed, we’re going to need all the inspiration we can get to break a sweat at home.

Shield has started the #MoveMoreAtHome campaign to encourage South Africans to keep moving at home, and they’ve partnered with various fitness guru’s to give us fun home workouts.

Today we share Juanita Khumalo’s full-body workout that only takes 10 minutes. Check out the video below:

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 Jumping jack into a toe tap

This cardio exercise is a fun twist to your usual jumping jacks. Instead of bringing your hands together at the top of your head, you’ll touch your toes with your hands and switch sides with each jump. It’s easy to do, and it will certainly get your heart pumping and burn loads of calories. Only 45 seconds is needed for this exercise, but if you want to challenge yourself a little more, you can extend that timeframe to a minute.


Squats target your butt, thighs and legs – making it the ultimate lower body workout. Place your hands together towards your chest, and bend your knees, put weight on your heels and sit back slightly like you would perform any squat. Then before coming back up, perform a calve-raise and hold that position for two seconds and return to starting position. Continue for 45 seconds.


What’s leg training without lunges? Lunges require little effort, and they’ll tone your legs in no time. Just stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, take a big step forward with your right leg and lower it until it’s a few centimetres off the ground. Lift your knee to flex your butt muscles then lower it down again. Pulse up and down for 45 seconds then switch sides and repeat.

Fire Hydrants

To perform this exercise, you’ll need to keep your pelvis and core stable. Put your hands and knees on the ground, with your shoulders above your hands and your hips above your knees. Tighten your core and lift your right leg at a 45-degree angle away from your body, then lower your leg and return to the starting position. Repeat this step for 20 seconds then do the same with your left leg.

Leg flutters

This core exercise works your lower abdominal muscles. To perform, lean back with your hands by your side and palms to the ground. Then lift your legs slightly off the ground and move them in a flutter motion for 45 seconds.

Rest for one minute and repeat this workout two times.

We hope these exercises keep you moving at home! Remember that exercising is good for your heart and body, and antiperspirants are good for combating sweat and body odour – so be sure to apply a Shield roll-on before your workouts for up to 48-hour protection.

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