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Four burgers worth biting into during winter

Winter has its benefits. When it’s freezing outside, nothing compares to reading a book in bed, running a hot bubble bath or baking a batch of scones and cookies to enjoy with a warm beverage.

But there’s something else that makes winter all the more pleasant: Food. While many associate winter dining with soups and warm beverages, there’s no need for you to forget about one of the most satisfying comfort foods on the planet — burgers.

Here are four burgers worth biting into in winter:

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Bacon cheeseburger

The average cheeseburger comprises of a beef patty, lettuce, tomato and slice of cheese sandwiched between two buns. But this is no average cheeseburger. Thick strips of bacon, double the amount of cheese and a bit of sugar give this burger a unique flavour that your taste buds won’t get enough of.

Chicken burger

According to a survey conducted in 2018, chicken is the most consumed meat in South Africa. About 28-million chickens are consumed per week in the country. That’s roughly half a bird per person every week of the year. If you have a chicken breast fillet in your fridge, resist the urge to make chicken strips or marsala. Keep things simple with this burger recipe that’s easy on the pocket as well as the taste buds.

Lamb burger

Not many people can say they’ve had a lamb burger. When people order or make a burger, they usually stick to beef or chicken. But if culinary conformity is not your thing, then switch things up with this recipe. You could also pair this burger with a potato salad if you have an appetite for something other than fries or wedges.

Ultimate juicy burger

Whether you’re making beef, chicken or lamb burgers, the most important factor is the patty’s juiciness. There’s nothing like pressing together a burger and having all of the flavours seep into the buns. So it goes without saying that the ultimate burger recipe is one that ensures the patty is dripping with flavour. A word of caution to those who plan to try out this recipe: Make sure you have enough empty stomachs to fill, as this recipe is for people who are planning to serve up to eight guests.

It’s safe to assume most people are going to spend the majority of their time indoors this winter. All that time inside the house can be put to good use. If you want to replicate the restaurant experience, look no further than your kitchen. With the right ingredients and recipes, you can prepare a burger that wouldn’t be out of place in your favourite fast food outlet.

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