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Minimalist guide to skincare

Hundreds of years from now, historians are going to look at our time as an age of unlimited options. Now more than ever, people are spoiled for choice. Whether that is a good thing is up for debate.

Take a look at the skincare products split between the mirror in your room and the one in your bathroom—jars, bottles and tubes of body lotion, cleanser and toner. But like any other part of your house, your bathroom closet and bedroom occasionally need a bit of spring cleaning, and now’s a perfect time. The extra storage space isn’t the only benefit. Cutting down on beauty products will save a truckload of money and trips to the supermarket. This is how you get the best skin with the least amount of products:

Know your skin type

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This should go without saying. You can’t fix a problem you haven’t identified. While the spray and pray approach may work in other areas of your life, it does more harm than good when it comes to skincare. While you can get away with using dry skin treatment for oily skin, using oily skin products for dry skin won’t give you the results you need. Similarly, itchy skin has its own needs and using products that don’t address the specific problem can have you running around in circles.

Do your research

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get advice from a dermatologist. Some of the world’s leading dermatologists offer advice on a variety of online platforms – for free. Once you’ve determined what your skin type is, you can search for tips tailored specifically for your needs. This means you no longer buy what you think will work but opt for something that’s proven to solve the skincare issues you face.

Put products to the test

You know that moisturiser you fell in love with a few weeks ago? The one your friends convinced you to buy because ‘all the influencers swear by it’? Ask yourself if it’s really as effective as you’ve been led to believe. But don’t just stop at questioning. Put it to the test. Take one product from your skincare arsenal and stop using it for a week. Is there are any difference or did your skin pretty much stay the same? If there’s no noticeable difference, it may be time to try something else. Repeat this process until you’ve tested out all your products.

Options are a beautiful thing until they prevent you from putting your best foot forward. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body and serves as the easiest visual indicator of health. You look a whole lot healthier when your skin is glowing. With all that considered, why would you leave your skin’s health to chance? Here’s to hoping you now know which skincare products in your closet need to stay in, and which ones need to be tossed in the bin!

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