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Renew your vehicle licence online – simple, fast and convenient

Great news guys and gals … Caxton has partnered with CarLicence.co.za to provide you with a simple, fast and convenient licence renewal service … yay!

The dreaded thought of having to renew your vehicle licence is no more. Thanks to Caxton and CarLicence.co.za you can now renew your vehicle licence without leaving your home! Here’s the fun part … with our integrated licence renewal platform, Caxton is able to offer you the ability to renew your vehicle’s licence with minimal effort, saving you valuable time and frustration. With extensive expertise in the licence renewal business, our team has just what it takes to keep you on the road.

Click here to renew your licence online!

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The CarLicence.co.za renewal engine provides you with immediate quotes for the vehicle you are licencing, avoiding any licence renewal delays. 

With our links to the various licencing departments and partnerships with leading courier companies, Caxton is able to provide you with a simple, fast licence renewal service. Just the service we’ve been asking for!

What we offer:

  • Hassle-free, simple and easy to use website
  • Reminders during the month when your licence disk renewal is due
  • Electronic payment facilities to limit the danger of you needing to carry cash
  • No more standing in queues to renew your licence disk

Click here to renew your licence online!

How it works:

Step 1: You’ll receive an SMS or E-mail renewal reminder before your vehicle renewal license date.

Step 2: Click on the link provided and process your renewal license.

Step 3: We’ll keep you updated through out your renewal license process.

Step 4: Your new license disk will be delivered to your chosen address by our friendly courier.

Click here to register today!

*Costs: Service cost including courier costs is R199, this excludes the cost of the vehicle licence. 

Click here to get your quote online. 

Have a query? Contact us here: Email:  [email protected] or phone: 010 045 1507




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