Colourful – a brand new album from Moniqe Fiddes


Colourful, Moniqe is no stranger to success and stardom having been in the music industry for over 10 years. In 2009 she was signed to an independent record company in South Africa and in 2010 she released her first album, called ‘Ek Kan’. Her hit single ‘Tell me Y’ reached over 230 000 views within the first two months.

The South African born pop-star has since moved to the UK after marrying Martial Arts expert, Matt Fiddes, but promises to always keep her South African roots close to her heart with her brand new album, Colourful.

We chatted with Moniqe about her new album.

For all our readers, who is Moniqe Fiddes?

I am a very ambitious woman, with big dreams … As a teen, I was severely bullied but instead of letting that negatively affect me, I turned it into inspiration which made me want to do something uniquely special with my life. I got signed to a record company in SA when I was 16 and left school to start my career. I later went to a university to gain my MC and Performing Arts Diploma and received an A+ in TV and Drama from Brümilda van Rensburg. In 2012 I became a wife and step mum to three amazing children. In 2013 I became a mum to my first child and now have three beautiful little kids of my own. I am very excited about achieving my dreams because I have such a big passion for music, and of course, I would love to prove to all the haters from my childhood and teen years that you don’t have to be popular or fit in all the time to reach your dreams and to be able to achieve success. I want to prove that family comes first, and if your foundation is built with love you can still have everything and also still be able to do what you love – life is about balance.

What can we expect from Colourful?

A range of different songs – upbeat songs, slow songs etc. There is one song in particular that includes some Spanish parts to it, which I wrote as well.

Your one single, ‘Flying High In Love with You’, talks about love makes a house a home – why is this important to you?

Life would be a very dark place without love. A home is where you feel safe and comfortable, your safe haven. A house without love will remain a house but with love, it becomes a home it becomes your safe haven. Your space. Your place of peace, comfort and security. A house does not bring happiness, however, a home does, as its who is inside that counts not objects.

What does being a strong woman mean to you?

Being brave and being loyal in everything you do. Confidence gives a woman strength.

Your husband, Matt Fiddes, is friends with the likes of Simon Cowell – has he ever given you musical advice?

No, I have never asked for any special treatment or try to use Matt’s contacts to get anywhere as I want to achieve my success through working hard and earning it rather than to be given it and not be able to feel that great feeling of personal success. Simon knows I am a big fan … he even held my hand for what felt like ages when I was talking to him at a recent function with Matt. It was such a privilege. He is like a ‘King’ in the music industry, so for me, that was truly something special, I was so amazed that I was even brought to tears. He is someone I wholeheartedly admire.

You’re not only a singer but also a businesswoman. How do you juggle such a busy career?

I find it very fun. Being busy is very important for me as I am one of those people that cannot sit still. I am the kind of person that will always find something to do. I love what I do, and I do what I love.

Where do you draw daily inspiration and support from?

My husband – he is so committed to his work, and whilst others are sleeping, he is working and dedicating his life to being successful! He is always creating new ideas and inspires so many around him, not just work-wise but emotionally he is there for all his employees not just as a boss but as a friend too.

What do you want to be remembered for one day?

A humble, hardworking mum and wife, who has gained success through her own hard work.

As the mother of 3 children, what are your hopes for them as they grow up in an ever-changing world?

My hopes for them are to have a happy, healthy and successful life with a happy family, and freedom in this world.

What can we expect from Moniqe going forward? 

A new album as well as a clothing range called ‘MFbabe and MFman’ that will be launched within the MF organisation.

Moniqe’s album, Colourful, launches on 9 October on iTunes, Spotify and all other digital platforms.

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