How to Smell Good All Day


A fresh fragrance is one of the things that define a man. People remember handsome faces but smelling good also goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression. It’s one thing to smell good after a bath or shower, but maintaining that fragrance is another thing altogether. Luckily, smelling good all day is not that difficult. Here are a few tips to help you smell fresh from dusk to dawn:


Choose the Right Deodorant
There are several antiperspirant and body spray products on the market, which makes the task of choosing the right one a bit of a mission. But ultimately, choosing the right scent comes down to preference. What matters most is sweat protection. Since excessive sweating causes body odour, you need a product that minimises perspiration. Axe Ice Chill Antiperspirant not only cools you down by 6°C (giving a new meaning to the phrase chill out) but also keeps you smelling fresh for 48 hours.

Make Sure Your Toiletries Have the Same Fragrance
The best way to make sure your fragrance lasts all day is to ensure your deodorant and body care products have a similar scent. Axe also has a range of body wash products to complement its deodorant range. Let’s say you’re using a subtle and refined woody fragrance with tones of bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood; it only makes sense to make sure your body wash enhances your deodorant.

Spray on the Right Places
The best place to spray your deodorant is your torso, while antiperspirant should be used on your underarms. This is because these areas are more likely to generate heat, which will give off more of your scent. To give body odour and sweat a two-punch combo, apply Axe antiperspirant first, then follow it up with deodorant to smell great with fragrance.

Keep Armpits Dry
It’s a debate that’s been going on for as long as we can remember, but there is insufficient evidence to prove that shaving body hair improves your body odour. What has been proven is that bacteria grow best in dark, moist and warm places, making your armpits the best place for foul odours to emanate. Make sure your antiperspirant can keep your armpits dry throughout the day.

Stay Hydrated
Drinking at least eight cups of water can keep bad body odour at bay. When your skin dries out, it tends to absorb and evaporate fragrances much faster than usual. Make sure you drink enough water and use a moisturiser that keeps your skin hydrated.

Every man can smell good with the right planning. Practising above-standard hygiene is worth pursuing for two reasons: you turn heads, and most importantly, you feel better about yourself.