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It’s all about the knock-on effect

Here’s how Jackson’s Real Food Market is making a difference and helping others do the same.

It’s a crazy world we’re living in right now. Nothing looks like it used to – everything we thought we knew to be true has changed. It’s hard to make sense out of anything. And it’s easy to start wondering what the point of it all actually is. Am I even making a difference?

Hold on, you may already be doing more than you think.

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Jackson’s Real Food Market in Bryanston is known for its fresh, farm-to-table fare. They provide nutrient-dense food that’s good for you, and good to eat, and they’re doing it all in a restful space that creates breathing room for stressed-out urbanites. What you might not know about them, though, is that every time you eat the food that the farmer has brought straight to the market’s door, you are helping a small business owner to break into a market monopolised by food giants. You are helping a single mother put her child through school. You are helping someone live with hope.

Jackson’s has intentionally decided to be an incubator and activator of small businesses. They purposely use small producers to supply their market and restaurant. In fact, they are officially the biggest supporter of small emerging farms and artisan producers. Not only do they support these businesses, but they pay them a fair percentage of the selling price of their products. They also encourage and reward farmers who practise regenerative or organic farming.

It doesn’t stop with business, though. Jackson’s also labours to help those who can’t help themselves. Since April, they have given away 30 402 hot meals and 535 care packs with essential items to help people from all walks of life who have suffered due to the nationwide lockdown.

Think of it as little pockets of kindness they are creating everywhere. Someone happens upon one and their life is changed for good. And every time you have a meal there, or buy something scrumptious from the market, you have played a part in it too. You’ve supported 350 small business owners and family-owned businesses. You’ve sustained 1350 jobs in the supply chain. You’ve helped 125 Jackson’s team members to stay a part of the family.

Now that’s something to celebrate!

Details: 011 463 1598 or jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za 

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