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Top tips for buying tech gear this festive season… and must-have geek gear from Thule…

There’s a gadget and gear geek in every family. Thankfully, this festive season, Thule has your back (literally) with what to look for when buying tech gear, plus amazing gifts for the techie in your life. 


  • Choose a trusted name When it comes to tech, it’s not necessarily about how expensive it is. Just make sure that you go with one of the big names, who have been around for a while, so that you know what you buy has been created by the experts. These companies are also more likely to have a warrantee and can help you with repairs and parts if there is ever a problem.
  • Always try in-store first Whether it’s something big like a laptop or camera or something small like noise-cancelling headphones, it’s important to play with the various options available. This means touching all the buttons and asking all the right questions. You’ll quickly work out if the size and specs will work for your techie or if you need to widen your scope and search.
  • Do your research Like any big (read: expensive) purchase, it’s important to do your homework, so that there is zero buyer’s remorse. In addition to in-store experts, ask friends and family who have an interest in tech and browse the internet for reviews and information on the product you are thinking of buying. Compare items and models online, so that at least you will know that you have covered all your bases.
  • Consider how the techie will use it Choose items according to how the techie in your life will use them. Do they need something hyper-technical or entry level? Are they brand centred and only want a certain brand? Look at what your techie already has to guide your purchase decision. If they are into design and all things visual, a laptop with a bigger screen is a must. If the photo-loving person in your life loves game drives and bird watching, a camera with functionality for action shots and close-ups is important. If your techie often travels with these items (even just to work), a slimline design is better than lots of bulky additions that are awkward to carry.
  • Opt for a warrantee It isn’t an absolute dealbreaker if your product doesn’t come with a warrantee, but at least you know that should anything go wrong during the warrantee period, the item will be repaired or swapped for something appropriate. If it means that you pay a little bit extra for a warrantee, go for it. It’s just that added piece of mind.
  • Always buy from a reputable retailer Remember that the geek in your life is probably quite specific about the tech items they want in their life. It also means they already have an idea in their minds about the non-negotiable functionality that they want their tech to have. This way, whether you buy in-store or online, if you do get the wrong model, size or specs, your techie can easily exchange it for the correct item.

Now that you’ve bought the all-impressive tech, you’ll need to protect it. Choose from one of these über cool, useful additions to keep all that gear safe and secure – perfect gifts for your gadget and tech guru’s this festive season…

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Thule Gauntlet Sleeve – R1 099

Designed to safeguard your Macbook with a rigid exterior and enhanced corner and edge protection, it also protects hardware from bumps and scratches, thanks to the padded interior. The clamshell design even allows you to work directly out of the case for added convenience on the go.

 Thule Construct 24L laptop backpacks – R2299

A contemporary and practical backpack with plenty of organisation and storage for work or travel. Protect a laptop up to 15.6″ and a tablet up to 10.5″ in the dedicated, padded compartment with a soft-lined pocket. The pass-through strap on the back also allows you to attach the backpack to the handle of your rolling luggage.

Thule Crossover 2 convertible laptop bag – R4999

A minimalist carry-on designed to keep everything organised and accessible. Easily convert the bag from a briefcase to a backpack with tuck away backpack straps and a removable, padded shoulder strap.  Safeguard your identity and personal information with a RFID blocking pocket. Best of all, you can charge your devices on the go using the power pocket chord management system.

Thule Gauntlet 13” Macbook Attache – R1799

The padded interior and hard exterior ensure your laptop and charger are always safe. A moulded attaché with rugged protection allows you to work directly out of the case, plus it comes with multiple carry options, including a removable shoulder strap and top grab handles.

Thule Legend GoPro Case – R899

This case keeps your GoPro and accessories safe (and organised). The crushproof, padded compartment holds your GoPro® camera, LCD Touch BacPac™, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. To fully rinse the interior clean of dust, mud, sand, and build-up, simply remove the die-cut foam pad. Top reason for buying it? The convenient line-out opening allows on the go charging during any epic adventure.

Thule Enroute 20L camera backpack – R2799

A versatile, everyday backpack with protection for your camera, which is perfect for traveling or daily use. Protect small valuables like a phone, keys and sunglasses in the structured soft-lined compartment and easily locate any item thanks to the brightly coloured interior lining. Leaving your camera at home for once? Simply remove the camera pod to create a versatile everyday backpack.

Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus – R899

An electronics travel case designed to protect large headphones along with your full kit of cables, adapters and other electronics in dedicated storage compartments. This compact travel case also allows you to charge your phone, while keeping it accessible in the exterior pocket, with the convenient cord pass-through.

For more information about Thule’s products and stockists, please visit: https://www.thule.com/en/za

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