The heart of a home…

Lockdown’s not easing up … so here’s to spending many more hours in our kitchens


If you’re a wine aficionado, you probably don’t only have an eye out for new bottles to add to your collection but how to store them too. Miele has a fantastic range of wine conditioning units to provide the best storage conditions, no matter how long you plan to keep a bottle. The company advises it’s best to store wine in a constant and steady climate… Heat is one of wine’s biggest enemies. UV rays can cause chemical reactions in wine. Vibrations can damage wine in the long term. And an odourless environment is essential. The wine conditioning units are pricey but worth it. From R39 999. Details:

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Everything but the kitchen sink…
Now there’s a saying we know pretty well but, trust us, if your kitchen sink had the hansgrohe Talis M54, you’d be finding a way to protect it with all your might. With a smooth, high arc design and subtle temperature indicators, this slender tap is a perfect fit for a modern, open-plan and sociable kitchen. It uses technology to reduce water consumption, and there’s a pull-out spout to wash your veggies or dishes – so convenient! It’s easy to clean too … just rub off the limescale build-up with your finger. You’ll find it in matt black and chrome. From R4480.20. Details:


If binge-watching reality TV cooking shows has taught us anything, it’s just how important presentation is when it comes to plating a meal. And when you start off with unique and stylish crockery, we feel half the battle’s already won. Cue Setamono Japanese Homeware which has a range of gorgeous handcrafted Japanese artisan ceramics. We’re pretty sure you’ll find your friends drooling even before the meal is served! The tableware has wonderful textures, colours and glazes, and you’ll also find some lovely kitchenware, like a huge selection of Hibachi table grills. For our Valentine’s Day spread, we’ve got our eyes set on this Makoto plate … this one’s a medium size for R330. Details: 


New year, new look
If we perfected anything in 2020, it was the art of nesting … and for most of us during lockdown, our kitchens were the room in our homes that brought us the most joy. (Remember all the loaves of banana bread and sourdough we baked?) If the heart of your home needs a bit of spit ’n polish, you’re probably looking for a trendy new paint colour. Try Plascon Golden Syrup … it’s a warm, sunny yellow that’s thought to be a positive and uplifting colour, which is why it’s the company’s favourite hue for 2021. Go on, give your kitchen that warm fuzzy glow and feel inspired to continue cooking up a storm this year. If you’re really not sure how to use this colour, just ask the colour advice team.
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Is there anything worse than chopping under a dim light? We think not. That’s why we’re after one of these indoor pendants from The Lighting Warehouse that’ll make our kitchen not only bright but super stylish too. Choose Dormer (left), R799, or Jozi (right), R499. Details:

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