Pop over to the Corner Market for an (online) basketful of goodness…


We’ve found a new favourite online store … and we. are. obsessed!

Nuts and spreads, pasta and grains, stocks and broths, healthy bars and gin botanicals. There are health options for those exploring anti-inflammatory, collagen, digestion and detox supplements, for those searching for vegan and halaal, low-carb and keto, diabetic and paleo items. And a brilliant selection of body and beauty, household and children’s products, too.
First on our shopping list was Jen’s Handmade “No Nasties” Granola from the Corner Market Club Exclusive Pantry Range. Made by a Midlands chef, it’s free from dairy, gluten, wheat, fillers, refined sugar and peanuts, but not free from taste … it’s all honey and raw coconut and cranberries, aromatic spices and omega seeds, is 100 per cent local, and is part of the Corner Market Club’s Female Business Partner initiative.
So, ticks all the right boxes. Have it with yoghurt and berries for brekkie, pop some into your child’s lunchbox, and keep some in a bag in your handbag to snack on during the day.

Pop over to cornermarket.co.za … you can thank us later.

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