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Carey-Anne Robson’s love of baking was instilled as a child when she spent time with her mum in the kitchen. Now, she’s inspiring her own kids’ passion for baking – along with a whole host of Joburgers.

Love baking but hate the fuss? Here’s the solution. Carey-Anne Robson, a passionate baker, inspired creative and loving mum, founded uBaked – a baking box with pre-measured ingredients ordered online and delivered directly to your doorstep, taking the fuss out of baking to allow for more fun! Her original baking business, Finchly Bespoke Bakes (named after her children), pivoted to add the offering of uBaked back in August last year.

Baking isn’t just a hobby for Carey-Anne. She’s serious about her craft, having studied both sugarcraft and advanced cakes through the Prue Leith Culinary Institute. Her kits are designed for anyone to use, whether you know your whisk from your spatula or not! ‘I came up with the idea to create premium baking kits just before lockdown as a complimentary offering to my existing baking business, Finchly Bespoke Bakes, which offers wedding and custom celebration cakes,’ Carey-Anne says.

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We took her Luscious Chocolate Sponge Cake for a test drive and it was so quick and easy to make. Consider us uBaked converts – especially after we took a huge bite (or 10!) of the decadent chocolate indulgence with the richest ganache we’ve ever tasted. Usually, so much time gets wasted fiddling with measuring spoons and cups, and rummaging around for the kitchen scale – not anymore! ‘I wanted to put together a premium offering that would be delivered to your door and make it easier for you to bake not only for yourself but with kids, and without all the mess and fuss of measuring.’

Her love of baking was instilled over 30 years ago as a child making pancakes with her mum (who she credits as her baking inspiration). Her first order was for a cousin’s birthday party when Carey-Anne was only 12 years old!

Baking and business don’t always go hand in hand but Carey-Anne finds it easy. ‘I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was a natural inclination. I was lucky to find something that I was not only talented at, as I’m more skilled at practical application, but that would also be viable as a start-up.’

But it hasn’t all been smooth-sailing. ‘We have a fantastic e-commerce site, but the market is still a little conservative with online ordering. We are hoping to build a base of happy uBakers with some exciting activations and offerings.’

The uBaked kits range from cinnamon rolls and chocolate tarts to cookies, cupcakes and lemon meringue pie, all product-tested by the most discerning panel in the form of Carey-Anne’s two children, aged seven and three. ‘I’m pretty sure my son is going to work in the kitchen one day as he is constantly wanting to get involved and loves watching my mixer in action. My daughter also loves to bake.’

Carey-Anne Robson says her daughter loves to bake.

Running multiple businesses is a tough task but Carey-Anne has become a pro at time management. ‘Sometimes it gets crazy on the weekends especially when I’m finishing wedding or celebration cakes, but I’m lucky to have fantastic support from my family and to be able to work from home, which makes things much easier.’

For those with less of a sweet tooth, there’s still something for you in Carey-Anne’s kitchen. ‘I have an amazing recipe for kitke bread that makes two enormous loaves. It’s a super easy, soft, plaited honey bread and not only smells amazing while it bakes but is also so delicious. There’s nothing like freshly baked bread!’

Details: Head to to browse the selection of baking kits and get them delivered to your door between Monday and Thursday. All you need to add is eggs, butter, water and a whole lot of love and fun! Keep an eye out for special boxes that launch every now and then – you don’t want to miss out!

Carey-Anne’s top tips for fuss-free baking

  1. Preparation is key – prepare your ingredients and baking tins before you start. And don’t forget to pre-heat your oven!
  2. Use tried and trusted recipes. If you’re baking something for a special occasion and are using a new recipe, make sure to trial it at least once before the big day.
  3. When using butter, always use it at room temperature for cakes and sponges, and fridge-cold for pastries.
  4. Order a baking kit when baking with kids. Pre-measured ingredients ensure a lot more fun and a lot less mess!
  5. Don’t forget to add the love. Stress comes out in baked goods and has caused many ruined cakes. Before you begin, relax, breathe and remember to have fun. That’s what baking is all about.



uBaked is about creating Insta-worthy baked goods that taste as delicious as they look – but sometimes we don’t know where to start when snapping some pics! Carey-Anne has three bits of advice for us…

  • Rustic is best. Your bakes don’t need to be absolutely perfect.
  • Add some texture with baking paper or utensils
    and ingredients.
  • Keep your filters consistent.

* Text: Tayla Blaire. Photographer: Cheeky Cherub Photography.

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