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WIN … a hamper of books for Father’s Day

Does your dad ever wonder about the meaning behind Bohemian Rhapsody? Does he really want to impress your new girlfriend, who’s coming to a braai this Sunday, but she’s vegetarian and he’s clueless at what to cook for her? Does the thought of an overland travel safari make his heart beat a little faster?

Well … have we got a Father’s Day hamper for him. Just look at what Bookstorm has given us to give away to one of our readers.


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For the answer to the mean of Bohemian Rhapsody … Electric Graffiti by Gus Silber. An eclectic, electric anthology of musings, bemusings, and amusings …  you will find more than 90 of Silber’s digital dispatches, covering topics as diverse as stand-up comedy, the house-breaking habits of hadedas, the haunted libraries of our childhood, and the secret, never-before-revealed meaning of Bohemian Rhapsody. Step inside, and discover why Gus Silber puts the book in Facebook! (Oh … and the hamper has an Electric Graffiti water bottle too … a limited edition, no doubt!).

For ideas for the vegan girlfriend …  JanBraai The Vegetarian Option. Jan collected all his best vegetarian recipes together and published them in this book. If you’re looking for a meat-free Monday option, have to cater for your son’s new vegetarian girlfriend or the grandchildren, or have even decided to take the vegetarian plunge yourself, there’s no reason to neglect your braai – Jan has you covered. Find delicious burgers, braaibroodjies, potjies, curries, breads and side dishes to keep you in vegetarian options for months. Even the meat eaters might be surprised to find how delicious a mushroom burger is!

We’ve added in  JanBraai Braaibroodjies and Burgers, too. With the rising popularity of that quintessential South African braai accompaniment, the humble braaibroodjie, Jan decided that it was time to focus on what is more than a cheese and tomato toastie and highlight the extraordinary meals you can braai with bread.

We’re massive fans of Professor Jonathan Jansen, so there’s a copy of his book Learning Lessons in the hamper. Jansen recounts, in his indomitable way, how the people in his life invested love, direction, encouragement (and even money) to make his journey possible — in the hope that his story may give inspiration and direction to generations of young people taking their first steps in adult life.

And for armchair travellers … the incredible To the Edges of the Earth by Peter Pickford. Four years. Seven continents. A quest to document and champion the preservation of the most remote wilderness realms on earth. Veteran wildlife photographer Peter Pickford and his wife Beverly had a dream to photograph the last remaining wild land on earth. To the Edges of the Earth recounts the story of their four and a half years of overland travel, in their specially adapted Land Rover. Their journey took them not only through the earth’s last wild landscapes, but deeper into the heart of the adventure that is travel: the places, the people, the excitement, the serenity, the hardship and the joy that stepping outside into the unknown makes so immediate to our attention.

For great book ideas, visit www.bookstorm.co.za … and to win our hamper, simply follow us, and tag your dad (or a book loving friend) in the comments section. Entries close on Friday, June 18 at 9am.

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