Stay home, stay safe, shop online


When a trip to the store is daunting, support these online local businesses

Over the course of the past few days, the world has watched in relative horror as England has relaxed many of the Covid-19 enforced restrictions. Masks are no longer compulsory and large group events, including nightclub openings, are well underway.

In South Africa, level 4 is still firmly in place, and for the most part, people continue to search for viable ways to avoid any human contact, for fear of infection. Along with level 4, the country has seen rampant looting and violent taxi strikes, which makes leaving the house even less appealing.

At a time like this, when popping into your local grocery store isn’t all that inviting, we’ve put together a list of wonderful small-scale providers in Gauteng that are able to readily meet your grocery requirements:

  1. UCOOK: Whether you’re a budding chef looking to prepare a masterpiece, or a tired mum just wanting a nutritious meal, log onto UCOOK and select chef-prepared frozen meals, or chef-designed Meal Kits for easy preparation in your own kitchen. Take the guessing game out of dinner-time and skip that additional trip to the store.


  1. Bull and Bush Meat Merchants: Offering everything from lamb to pork and everything in between, Bull and Bush also sells pre-packed boxes including a starter box, couples box and family box which all include beef mince, stew, goulash, chicken fillets, stir-fry and drumsticks in the varying portion sizes.


  1. Green Butler: The Green Butler provides door-to-door delivery of fruit, vegetables and snacks. They source the produce direct from local farms and deliver to your door. You can order individual items or select pre-designed boxes compiled of all the staple items you need.


  1. Rockvale Cheesery: Rockvale Cheesery supplies a range of cheeses directly to the public. Rockvale employs traditional cheesemaking methods which do not require any chemical additives.

5. Radical Cuisine has a premier vegan product range, which offers a variety of foodstuffs for vegan or non vegan consumers. From crunchy nacho chips, zesty relishes and spreads, to cordials and even a honey alternative – the range has something for everyone.