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Kick the last of the winter blues with these healthy habits

Let’s face it, during Winter we’ve been tempted to indulge. Delicious comfort foods, warm treats, and the oh-so welcomed binging of our favourite shows and movies under the blankets. All our health goals were put on the back-burner as the cosy comforts of home become all the more alluring. But with colds, flu, and other germs doing the rounds, it’s the one time of year we should really be focus on our health instead of neglecting it. And it’s not too late. Going forward, let’s focusing on our well-being. It’s  doesn’t have to be difficult either.  Here are five tips from the Herbalife team to get us started.

Get enough shut-eye That’s right. Sleep is good for you! Research has found that people who sleep less are more at risk of becoming obese than those who sleep more; people who sleep more consume fewer calories as poor sleep can result in poor appetite regulation. So don’t feel bad about prioritising your sleep. It can improve physical and mental performance and reduce the risk of certain lifestyle diseases.

Eat nutrient-rich foods

When it comes to our health, there’s no denying the role that food plays. From giving us energy to building healthy bodies and supporting our immune system, the right food choices can facilitate it all. If you are looking to incorporate immune-supporting foods into your diet, we recommend adding citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli, spinach, garlic, ginger, turmeric, papaya, kiwi, almonds, sunflower seeds, poultry, shellfish, and green tea. They’re packed with antioxidants and micro-nutrients to help you function at your best. If you’re worried you’re not getting a balanced diet, look into a high-quality supplement for peace of mind.

Spend time in the sun

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A little bit of time spent in the warm sun is not only a great way to take a break and get some fresh air, but it can also help reduce feelings of depression and stress, improve sleep, strengthen your immune system, promote stronger bones, and even extend your lifespan. When your skin is exposed to the sun, your body makes Vitamin D, which is critical for optimal health. This is even more important if you have dark skin because dark skin takes longer to make Vitamin D.

Moisturise and hydrate your skin

The cold air can take a toll on your skin.  Create a skincare routine that keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated. Use a mild cleanser, toner, and moisturiser combo on your face (look for products that contain soothing aloe vera for extra care). For the rest of your body, blot it dry after bathing or showering, and then apply a layer of rich cream to seal in the moisture. Heaters can also take their toll on your skin when used excessively. If you live in a dry area of South Africa, an appliance worth running in the winter is a humidifier as it helps prevent your skin drying out.

Follow basic health practices

Eat healthy foods, and try your best to exercise regularly. Even if you just go for a walk around the block or do some sit-ups and push-ups next to your desk a few times a day, any regular movement will make a difference. And keep those hands clean – washing or sanitising is important to prevent germs from spreading.

Whether you love the cold or not, there are so many ways that you can look after yourself throughout the rest of winter and maintain the healthy lifestyle you worked so hard to achieve in the warmer months.

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