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Thinking of living overseas? Then get to the Emigration Expo

Change can be difficult, and when it comes to changing the place one chooses to live, it can be even harder. However, the last year and a half have shown the world how easily change can happen.

The Emigration Expo, taking place at The Capital Hotel in Menlyn, aims to make that change for families, entrepreneurs, students, job seekers and anyone who feels the desire to start a new journey, as easy and as smooth as possible. No matter where they are or where they want to be.

At the inaugural expo which was held earlier this year in Sandton, after families had spent months in isolation, attendees experienced a fresh feeling of connection with the exhibitors they met, and it’s those connections that are guiding their decisions to make a change.

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After all that has gone on around us over the last few years, there is no better time or place for emigration industry professionals and interested emigrants-to-be to connect in a safe and free environment like there is at The Emigration Expo.

Whether you are looking to emigrate, apply for a visa, study abroad or are just curious about what opportunities you have, The Emigration Expo has you covered. The event is free to attend and takes place in, Menlyn, Pretoria from 10am to 6pm on August 20 and 21. For those unable to attend or for those who would prefer to attend remotely, a virtual expo at TheEmigrationExpo.com is available.

The Emigration Expo features industry leaders and professionals offering a variety of related services like Fast-Track Visa Assistance, International Job Vacancies, Exclusive Offshore Investment Opportunities, Moving Logistics Services, Financial Emigration Advice, Assistance in Selling Properties, Emigration Via Property Investment Opportunities and much more.

For more info and to register for free attendance to the expo, visit TheEmigrationExpo.com

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