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Let bra guru Taryn Palacios help you find the perfect fit

Who likes wearing bras? Not you? Thought so. Most women hate wearing bras – this guru gets it! Taryn Palacios is determined to help you find the perfect fit.

Taryn Palacios is on a personal mission to change how most women feel about wearing bras. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s a fitting time to find out just why she launched The Bra Guru studio back in 2014.

‘We started out of the need to have a safe space for a woman to go and find a bra that fits properly and in the size that she needs,’ Taryn says.

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‘Often women are just guessing their way through bra shopping, and it leaves them feeling hopeless and uncomfortable. We offer a free, professional, one-on-one bra fitting service, to make sure that they are wearing their perfect size and style. When you find your perfect fit, it not only improves your comfort and support but restores your inner glow. It is truly special to see a woman leave our studio more confident than when she arrived.’

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not! ‘Our business has grown into a bigger studio than when we started. At our new studio, we have two busy fitting rooms. The move to the Valley Centre, almost four years ago, has allowed us to accommodate walk-ins as well as appointment bookings. We have also gained three new distributors. Our product range has also expanded and we adapted our offering to our clients’ needs and size specifications.

‘We now cater for up to K-cup sizes and have an amazing range of almost 70 styles, including underwire, no wire, big cups, small cups, push-up, strapless, sports and more!’

If you head to the Valley Centre, you’ll meet Taryn and Dawn, who assist each client from start to finish. So what sets The Bra Guru apart? ‘Our personalised service is everything. The difference is that we are here to help you with a specific requirement, and we have the expertise. I ask one thing from my clients for their first fitting: Have an open mind and trust the process. It is amazing being in the business of restoring somebody’s confidence. I love everything we do here: I love the staff, the service, the clients and our amazing selection of products. I love knowing that we can find a solution for anyone. We see so many instant makeovers and it is so great to have contributed to this process.’

We love the attention to detail The Bra Guru offers, but we love the donation initiative even more. ‘When most ladies come in and find their perfect bra, they may no longer need the one they were wearing. Instead of throwing it away, it can be donated instead. The donated bras are distributed to various public breast care units and women shelters. We have so many generous clients and have collected thousands of bras for charity over the years.’ You can drop off bras at the studio during trading hours.

There is also a range catering specifically to breast cancer patients. ‘Working in this industry, we are so close to breast cancer. We see so many women at various stages of their journeys and I think they are all incredibly brave and amazing. Their strength and courage never cease to inspire me. A bra can really impact your recovery and healing. We keep a magnificent post-surgery range that is 70 per cent bamboo and has been clinically tested and proven to aid in a patient’s recovery. We also offer a wide range of beautiful mastectomy bras that have no wire and that can be worn with or without a breast prosthesis. We have also enlisted the services of an orthotist who specialises in breast prosthesis and dealings with medical aid, should it be required by any of our clients. These appointments can be booked through our studio as they are only available on selected days.’

Should you visit The Bra Guru? Revisit your answer to our first question! ‘A bra should be a joy to wear and if it is not, it is because something is not right with your style and fit… Our service was developed to take all the fuss and fret out of bra shopping and turn it into the stress-free shopping experience you wished you had discovered sooner.’

Details: Head to Shop 1 at the Valley Centre in Craighall or visit thebraguru.co.za to get your perfect fit today!

* Text: Tayla Blaire. Photo: Emma O’Brien Photography. location: The Bra Guru Studio.

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