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Stunner on the stage – and off

Actress – tick. Singer – tick. Dancer – tick. Drama teacher, fitness expert, girlboss – tick, tick, tick! Is there anything Kaylan Sabbadin can’t do?

Morningside’s Kaylan Sabbadin is always on the go – and she loves a challenge! Onstage, she harnesses her passion for performing arts. Offstage, she injects her energy into health and well-being as a fitness instructor and aspiring nutritionist.

Her current diary is a testament to this… When she’s not mesmerising audiences in Joburg Theatre’s pantomime, Cinderella, she’s assisting her clients to reach their fitness goals. ‘My schedule is forever changing which is great since I love being busy and having that challenge but I’m often doing three jobs at once,’ says Kaylan, adding the pantomime has ‘really jam-packed’ her schedule.

She’s living her childhood dream! ‘I was on stage for the first time at only four years old and I always knew this is what I wanted to do.’

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Kaylan studied musical theatre and dance at Oakfield College and she went on to further her acting career to become a drama teacher at Trinity College London. But she didn’t stop there. ‘I knew I needed another job as performers in South Africa don’t have work all the time, so I used my other passions.

‘I studied to become a fitness trainer in Barre Body and Pilates, and that’s where and how I built my KAY’FIT dream. I do a lot of musical theatre, film, adverts, television and commercial modelling … I am always hustling and keeping busy!’

If you’re wondering how she packs all this into her days, you’re not the only one! ‘I still don’t know how I do it all – but I do. I’m an extremely busy and organised individual who loves to create lists and tick things off.’

Kaylan’s love of performing arts is evident, not just from a stage point of view but all the lessons behind the scenes too. ‘Theatre has taught me so much – to become a businesswoman – as we are our own business and brand; to think outside the box; to create and keep hustling. It’s helped me to develop a tough skin and to keep going, to keep pushing. It has helped me to manage my time and to multitask. It’s taught me teamwork and team building … I can go on about this all day! I am so very grateful for the skills learnt.’

She put her business acumen to use when she launched her fitness company, KAY’FIT, two years ago and has been on an upward trajectory ever since! Kaylan takes a holistic approach to health – she loves crafting personalised plans for her clients to nurture a strong, healthy body and mind.

Often, you can catch her on TV too. ‘I usually go onto the Expresso show on Tuesday mornings and I give a 10-minute KAY’FIT class. We target a different muscle group every week or different ways to exercise. If you’re extremely busy, we target how to exercise at home or at your office by giving you effective ways of doing simple movements, including both equipment and non-equipment training. It’s very informative and fun!’

During the holidays, it’s tempting to completely give up on a fitness routine but Kaylan says it’s all about balance. ‘You need a slight break but don’t stop moving!’ She admits it can be hard for her too, depending on her December travel plans. (It’s nice to know we’re not alone!) ‘I would usually do some classes in another city, find a gym and go for walks or runs.’

Now that she’s launched her KAY’FIT website, Kaylan says she (and we) can train anywhere, at any time. Her workouts are also short (yippee!) – she says 30 minutes is all we need!

Details: kayfit.co.za and follow Kaylan on Instagram @kayfit_allthingsfitnessandhealth

Stay on track during the hols … with kaylan’s help

1. Calories, calories, calories! Track your calories in versus your calories out!

  1. You could try intermittent fasting … Kaylan says it can help to manage and control your calorie intake and your weight.
  2. Choose low-calorie alcohol and food options. Fill up on fresh salads and water to keep you healthy, feeling full and to give your skin a gorgeous glow.
  3. Remember the festive season is brief but the impact can last a while! You don’t want to go backwards on your goals because it’s just not worth it.
  4. Ultimately, have your ‘off’ time and enjoy it. Life is about happiness and balance but try to choose wisely.

* Writer: Tayla Blaire. Photographer: Kevin Mark Pass. Details: kevinmarkpass.com

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