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Two books for the weekend

Chess Queens is Jennifer Shahade story … the real-life story of a female chess champion travelling the world to compete in a male-dominated sport.

In it, she shows us the rivalry and the camaraderie, the ecstatic highs and the excruciating losses, the glamour and hard work. Intertwined with Jennifer’s story are those of other top female players … the famous Polgar sisters, the three Hungarian girls who were all child prodigies, the glamorous jet setters who travel the world partying, the players who escaped war-torn countries to become champions against all odds. Hodder and Stoughton, available from Exclusive Books

Six brothers and sisters. One terrible act that will shatter their bond forever. Karen Joy Fowler’s Booth is about the Booth siblings, each who have to fight to realize their dreams, and to emerge from the shadow of their talented but unstable father, a disgraced Englishman, celebrated Shakespearean actor and master of the house.

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One of the boys, Johnny, makes the terrible decision to change the course of history … to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. A perceptive look at a nineteenth century family and the things that break and bind. Serpent’s Tail, available at Exclusive Books.

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