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Surprises are in store for boys and girls as stories come to life!

How does an entertaining and (educational) show at the National Children’s Theatre sound? We think pretty amazing and we’re booked!

Under the Baobab Tree is a production that delivers a charming selection of traditional stories, vibrant songs, pulsating rhythms, African drums and lively dance to educate and entertain all primary school learners (ages 4 and up).

This National Children’s Theatre production is a sprightly follow on from NCT’s ground-breaking and Naledi award-winning production of Khokho’s Treasure. The show explodes onto the stage on 19 June to 24 July 2022.

In Under the Baobab Tree, the children find more wonderful surprises in the fantastic suitcase that their beloved Uncle Jack left them when he passed on. They enjoy their “treasures” and bring stories to life as they sing and dance under the baobab tree.

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Three are special stories:

  1. The Adventures of Noko the porcupine and his friends, as they attend school for the first time. This heartwarming tale is the second in the series by Eleni Theodorou, a South African now living in Manhattan, and adapted for the stage by Moira Katz.
  2. An intriguing retelling of Cinderella. In keeping with NCT’s philosophy of promoting self-reliance, self-esteem and independence, this Cinders doesn’t rely on a fairy godmother to get her to the ball! Oh, no! Instead, she uses her moxie and attends the celebration.
  3. The well-known story of Stone Soup with a South African twist.

“We expect our audience, especially children to feel proudly South African—not forgetting the spirit of UBUNTU—the essence of being human,” said director Ntambo Rapatla.

NCT’s professional, energetic and multi-talented cast takes audiences on an original, action-packed interactive jaunt, and point to essential life-lessons at the same time: lessons about values and friendship, about being creative and self-sufficient, and instilling a sense of pride in our rich, unique South African culture and heritage. This show values all of us as proud South Africans with a rich rainbow heritage and culture.

Show details (booking essential).

When:                      19 June – 24 July 2022
Where:                     Imagination Theatre at NCT, 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown
Length of show:     50 minutes – no intermission
Public bookings:    Book through Quicket
Days and Times     Thursdays to Sundays 11:00 and 14:30
Age:                          All ages, best from 4 up
Ticket prices:          R135

Bring your picnic tea or lunch.

For further information: Call Cindy on 011 484 1584
Facebook: @NCTheatreSA Instagram: @nctheatresa

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