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Easy-peasy kitchen tips to keep in mind when cooking

More juice, please

On average, a lemon contains three tablespoons of juice. Most people remember the old playground trick of rolling an orange on a hard surface to soften it in order to suck out more juice. Do this to a lemon, then cut it lengthways instead of horizontally and you’ll get around three times more juice. Yay! More lemonade!

Forget the tears

If you get the weeps when peeling onions, slap on swimming goggles and get peeling and slicing the tear-free way. If you’re dealing with tiny pickling onions you can drop them briefly in boiling water before peeling them, which reduces the eye-watering effect.

De-salt soup

If the salt shaker slips while you’re making soup, peel a potato, cut it into quarters and drop it in. The potato will soak up the salt without altering the flavour. Remember to fish out the potato before serving as it will probably be too salty to eat.

Topsy-turvy storage
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To create a vacuum, which inhibits the growth of mould, store containers of sour cream, cream cheese or creme fraiche upside down in the fridge so the contents will last longer. Just make sure the lids fit really tightly.

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