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Choose a pair of shoes wisely

Ever considered that your back pain might be linked to the shoes you’re wearing? We sure didn’t. Here are a few tips to help you choose your next pair.

Those new pair of heels you just bought might be too cute to handle but wearing them and standing for the most part of the day may cause damage to your feet. Not to mention the overall damage it could cause your body, leading to fatigue as well as leg and lower back pain.

Choosing soft and comfortable shoes is essential. Before you freak out, you do get cute and comfortable shoes.

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So the next time you shop, shop smarter. Here are a few tips to help you choose your next pair of shoes smarter:

Size it

Shoe size tends to change as you age, so fit your shoes carefully before making a purchase.

Fit it

Try your shoes on before buying them as sizes vary depending on style and make.

Big foot

Our feet aren’t the same size, so make sure your shoes fit the bigger foot.


Make sure to walk in the shoes to ensure they are a perfect fit before rushing out of the store.

Shape is everything

Opt for shoes shaped like your foot. They will fit better.

No stretching

Don’t buy tight shoes with the hope that they’ll stretch… they won’t.

Sole is everything

Go for shoes with a good sole that’ll provide solid footing on those days you are on your feet a lot.

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