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The New Age Guide to Office Style

The good news is that suits are officially out! That’s right, new reports show that only 10 per cent of men in the workplace still wear a suit to work. The majority of men polled said their number one reason for the change is that suits are too uncomfortable. This is understandable – you’re at work all day, and unless you seriously love your job, it’s bad enough without having to wear a hot, stuffy suit.

More than half the workers polled said that they felt that wearing suits every day was too expensive, considering the upkeep as well. They reported that it’s a lot more affordable to wear casual clothes to the office. Not only that, wearing an outfit of their choice gives men a chance to express themselves and their personalities better, said the study.

Most workplaces are becoming more chilled: less of a hierarchy and more of a team. Bosses are not scary authoritarian figures anymore, but act as more of a coach and facilitator. Employees are not referred to as Miss and Mister as was done in the past, but everyone is on a first name basis. And the most noticeable change – dress codes are becoming much less formal and a lot more casual.

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Now don’t go thinking that suits are out completely. It used to be that men wore suits during the day and the casual attire came out at night. Well, now that men are wearing casual clothes during the day, the suits are starting to appear after the sun goes down. Most men are dressing down their suits for after-work drinks, events or dates. Leave off the tie and go for more casual shoes to show off your ensemble in a cooler way.

So now that we’re not wearing suits to work anymore, what do we wear? Remember that you’re not hanging out with friends and your outfit should still look classy and professional. Smart jeans (not ripped) or chinos in conservative colours like navy, black or beige, with a button down solid colour shirt will look smart in that cool, unplanned way.

A sports jacket can dress up jeans in a flash while being less formal than blazer. Jerseys and sweaters are a good idea in cooler weather; just not the chunky one Gran knit you. Go for a lightweight knit in solid colours that don’t clash with whatever else you’re wearing. Nothing should be too baggy, make sure your clothes fit you right.

Shoes make the man so don’t let your footwear drag you down. Sneakers are only allowed if your business is super casual and only if your boss wears them too. Otherwise go for some soft leather loafers or dress shoes. Get a pair in black and brown so you can wear the right colour with the right pants.

What you wear to work should reflect who you are (within the confines of professionalism) and it should make you feel comfortable.

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