How to plan a budget-friendly wedding

If you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget then take a look at some of these tips that may help keep you on track.

The decorations
  1. Cut the guest list

It’s tempting to include everyone you know on your big day, but if you’re working to a budget then consider only inviting intimate friends and immediate family. Don’t feel obligated to invite certain people, you can always invite those you left out to the first bash you throw as a married when you’re back home from your honeymoon.

  1. Make use of your friends’ talents

Instead of wedding gifts why not ask your talented and creative friends to offer their services in lieu of gifts.  This way you can ask the ones with musical talent to provide the musical accompaniment for your ceremony, or your photographer friend to photograph your special day for you as a wedding gift.  Your creative craft friends can contribute their talents with décor and decorating and if you have a friends who is a blossoming masterchef, then rope them in too!

  1. The venue

Let’s face it, the paying for a venue gobbles up a huge chunk of your wedding budget.  Look around for a public park, a beach or even a lovely home of a parent or friend.  Plan your reception outdoors and go wild creating a picturesque ceremony. Just bear in mind, if you’re going for an outdoor reception, have a back-up plan in case the weather doesn’t co-operate.

  1. Catering

If you have strong culinary skills, consider handling your own food preparation and catering and call in the family troops to help out.  If your kitchen skills aren’t up to standard, then look around for restaurants who would be willing to accommodate you and your guests and work something out that fits your budget.

  1. Flower power

Flowers and floral arrangements can make a big dent in your overall budget, so the trick is to keep it stylishly simply and elegant.  If you are having bridesmaids, then let then carry a single bloom and keep the bride’s bouquet small and pretty.  Now is also the time to plunder the family gardeners’ homes for blooms if you’re lucky enough to have a few who would be willing to help out.

  1. Make your own invitations.

This can be a fun exercise for the bridal couple. All you needs is a good home printer and some creative ideas to put an elegant invitation together that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  Check out ideas on Pintrest and Google for wedding invitation ideas.

  1. Ditch the DJ

Instead of going to the expense of hiring a DJ, make use of your own home stereo equipment, or borrow from a friend. Create a playlist of your favourite dance tunes that will turn the whole experiences into something personal and unique for you and your guests to enjoy

  1. Booze

Cut your alcohol budget by only offering beer and wine or have a happy cocktail hour followed by a cash bar.  Shop around for liquour discounts and stock up on the basics, red and white wine and popular beers.

  1. Dressing up

Save on custom made bridesmaid dresses by looking for something suitable you can get off the rack.  Choose a colour and then get your bridesmaids to wear dresses all in the same colour.  That way they can wear something they already have, or get something off the rack that they will be able to wear again afterwards. Guys can rent tuxedos, or simply wear matching suits.

  1. Honeymoon

Instead of splurging on an over-the-top honeymoon, choose somewhere closer to home that is just as intimate and appealing.  There are loads of gorgeous romantic getaways in South Africa that are budget friendly and will leave you with loads of happy memories.