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Enjoy some wine … support the ellies!

Balance, the quirky range of generous, everyday wines, has been relaunched after a stylish makeover … and besides looking (and tasting) good, also supports desert elephant conservation.

With Hank the elephant as the wine’s mascot,  Balance has adopted the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) as a CSI initiative.

For every bottle sold, a contribution is made to fund the EHRA PEACE project, an educational programme promoting the peaceful cohabitation of local communities with desert elephants in Southern Africa.

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The PEACE project empowers people in close proximity to wild elephants, with the necessary information to keep themselves, their families and livestock safe during elephant visits.

Taking the conservation of desert elephants even further, the wine’s packaging uses digital technology linked to an exciting online game to support this initiative.

You can win Balance Bucks to buy more wine, and every time you successfully complete a final stage of the game, a donation is made your behalf.

The  affordable Classic range includes an easy drinking Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a delicately sweet Rosé, while the Balance Winemaker’s Selection range has six single varietal wines, including a lightly wooded Chardonnay, a fruity Pinot Grigio and an elegant Pinot Noir.

Available from your local bottle store or online, the wines cost between  R47 for the Classic range, R62 for the Winemaker’s Selection white wines and R67 for the reds.

To win Balance Bucks and support the conservation of desert elephants, the Balance game can be played directly online at https://balance.wine. The game can also be accessed through a QR code found on Balance wine bottles. So play away, and then redeem your Balance Bucks with another bottle from https://shop.overhex.com/collections/balance-wines.

Details: www.desertelephant.org Facebook @BalanceWines

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