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Is your fur baby a fatty?

With more than half of South African pets being overweight, there is a definite need for pet parents to have a critical look at their fur babies this Pet Obesity Month.

Marycke Ackhurst, from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, said that unfortunately, just like humans, some dog breeds just have a tendency to pick up weight a bit easier than others.

“The chances are that if you have a Labrador, Beagle, Bulldog, Jack Russell or Daschund, they are carrying a little more weight than they should be. We know that no pet parent wants to hear that their fur baby is overweight and that is why we have our popular pet slimmer programme, which will help pet parents assess their pet and, together with their vet, find the solution that is just right for them.”

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October is Pet Obesity Month in South Africa, and pet parents can book a free weight assessment at a participating pet slimmer veterinary practice for an evaluation of their pet’s condition – and a suggested course of action if they’re overweight.

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